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Loci for Traits in Grapevine Relevant for Breeding and Genetics

Associated markers, their chromosomal localisation, and the donor genotype/species are given. Chromosomal position of a trait/allele is given in megabases according to the 12 x genome sequence of PN40024 (Grape Genome Browser (12X) ).
The symbols were discussed and assigned at the International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics at Geneva, August 1 - 5, 2010. Follow up information on naming of loci will be provided on VIVC to avoid homonyms.
For updating information please contact: Reinhard Töpfer or Ludger Hausmann

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  1. Prime name: REGENT
  2. Variety number VIVC: 4572
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TraitSymbolChr.Position [Mb]Associated markerParent 1 Parent 2Genotype of originOriginal species of traitReferenceComment
Plasmopara viticolaRpv318UDV112REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)Regent and Bianca descend from Seibel 4614 (=Rpv3299-279 = Rpv3-1)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv31826.9VMC7f2REGENTxRED GLOBEREGENTVAN HEERDEN et al. (2014)Regent and Bianca descend from Seibel 4614 (=Rpv3299-279 = Rpv3-1)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv444.7VMC7h3REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv445.2VMCNg2e1REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv1154.5VVMD27REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTFISCHER et al. (2004)
Erysiphe necatorRen3157.1UDV015bREGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Erysiphe necatorRen31510.9VViv67REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Erysiphe necatorRen315ScORA7-760REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTAKKURT et al. (2007)
Erysiphe necatorRen3154.9VChr15CenGen02REGENTxRED GLOBEREGENTVAN HEERDEN et al. (2014)
Erysiphe necatorRen3159.3GF15-42REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTZENDLER et al. (2017)
Erysiphe necatorRen9151.4CenGen6REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTZENDLER et al. (2017)
VeraisonVer1613.7VMC1E11REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTFISCHER et al. (2004)For véraison (begin of ripening) several QTLs are published. This list here is still incomplete.
Anthocyanin 3,5-diglucosides5-GT96.5REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTHAUSMANN et al. (2009)
Anthocyanin 3,5-diglucosides5-GT96.5REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTJANVARY et al. (2009)