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    IBANEZ, J.; DE ANDRES, M.T.; BORREGO, J.Allelic variation observed at one microsatellite locus between the two synonym grape cultivars Black Currant and Mavri CorinthiakiVitis 39 (4) 173-174
    REGNER, F.; WIEDECK, E.; STADLBAUER, A.Differentiation and identification of White Riesling clones by genetic markersVitis 39 (3) 103-107
    DETTWEILER, E.; JUNG, A.; ZYPRIAN, E.; TOEPFER, R.Grapevine cultivar Müller-Thurgau and its true to type descentVitis 39 (2) 63-65
    GARCIA DE LUJAN, A.; PUERTAS, B.; LARA, M.Variedades de VID para Nuevos Vinos de AndalucíaViticultura/Enologia Profesional (68) 5-14
    BRANDONE, C.Albarossa, Cornarea e PassauVignevini (9) 47-49
    MARANGONI, B.; VENTURI, A.; FONTANA, M.Uva LonganesiVignevini (7/8) 63-67
    CAIN, D.SugrafifteenUnited States Plant Patent 11,727
    LANE, R.P.Muscadine grape plant named `Scarlett`United States Patent 11,260
    NEWBY, H.J.; CAIN, D.W.SugrafourteenUnited States Patent 11,245
    SEFC, K.M.; LOPES, M.S.; LEFORT, F.; BOTTA, R.; ROUBELAKIS-ANGELAKIS, K.A.; IBANEZ, J.; PEJIC, I.; WAGNER, H.W.; GLÖSSL, J.; STEINKELLNER, H.Microsatellite variability in grapevine cultivars from different European regions and evaluation of assignment testing to assess the geographic origin of cultivarsTheoretical and Applied Genetics 100 (3-4) 498-505
    PUERTAS GARCIA, B.; CRUZ GARCIA , S.; LARA BENITEZ, M.; GARCIA DE LUJAN, A.La tintilla de Rota: variedad tradicional de la provincia de Cádiz y sus perspectivas de futuroRevista Oficial de la Federacion Espanola de Asociaciones de Enologos (8) 16-28
    CINDRIC, P.; KORAC, N.; KOVAC, V.Sorte Vinove LozePrometej, Novi Sad
    LEFORT, F.; ROUBELAKIS-ANGELAKIS, K. A.The Greek Vitis Database: A multimedia web-backed genetic database for germplasm management of Vitis resources in GreeceJournal of Wine Research
    SIRET, R.; BOURSIQUOT, J.M.; MERLE, M.H.; CABANIS, J.C.; THIS, P.Toward the authentication of varietal wines by the analysis of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) residual DNA in must and wine using microsatellite markersJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 48 (10) 5035-5040
    HACHENBERGER, R.Auf den Spuren des LembergersIPa, Vaihingen/Enz
    OKIE, W.R.Register of New Fruit and Nut Varieties, List 40HortScience 35 (5) 815-816
    GALET, P.Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des CépagesHachette
    DALBO, M. A.; YE, G. N.; WEEDEN, N. F.; STEINKELLNER, H.; SEFC, K. M.; REISCH, B. I.A gene controlling sex in grapevines placed on a molecular marker-based genetic mapGenome 43 (2) 333-340
    CSIZMAZIA, D.J.Tafeltraube "Nero", Neuzüchtung aus UngarnDer deutsche Weinbau 23 (1)
    WALKER, A.UC Davis' Role in Improving California's Grape Planting MaterialsAmerican Society for Enology and Viticulture
    REGNER, F.; STADLBAUER, A.; EISENHELD, C.; KASERER, H.Genetic relationship among Pinots and related cultivarsAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 51 (1) 7-14
    PEJIC, I.; MIROSEVIC, N.; MALETIC, E.; PILJAC, J.; MEREDITH, C. P.Relatedness of Cultivars Plavac Mali, Zinfandel and Primitivo (Vitis vinifera L.)Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 65 (1) 21-25
    CRESPAN, M.; MILANI, N.Application of various molecular methodologies to the characterization of rootstocks and table grapevinesActa Horticulturae (528) 97-104
    BOTTA, R.; SCHNEIDER, A.; SCOTT, N.S.; THOMAS, M.R.; AKKAK, A.Within cultivar grapevine variability studied by morphometrical and molecular marker based techniquesActa Horticulturae (528) 91-96
    KORBULY, J.Results of breeding for Resistance to Winter frosts and different Pathogens using Vitis AmurensisActa Horticulturae (528) 551-557
    BOUQUET, A.; DANGLOT, Y.; BONGIOVANNI, M.; CASTAGNONE-SERENO, P.; TORREGROSA, L.Breeding rootstocks resistant to grape fanleaf virus spread, using Vitis x Muscadinia hybridizationActa Horticulturae (528) 517-526
    WALKER, M. A.; JIN, Y.Breeding Vitis rupestris X Muscadinia rotundifolia rootstocks to control Xiphinema index and fanleaf degenerationActa Horticulturae (528) 511-515
    CINDRIC, P.; KORAC, N.; KOVAC, V.Grape breeding in the Vojvodina ProvinceActa Horticulturae (528) 499-504
    BOSELLI, M.; IANNINI, C.; CORSO, C.; MONACO, A.; IANNELLI, D.; COTTONE, C.Analysis of Variability in the Aglianico grapevine (Vitis vinifera) in CampaniaActa Horticulturae (528) 45-50
    GRANDO, M.S.; FRISINGHELLE, C.; STEFANINI, M.Polymorphism and distribution of molecular markers in a segregating population derived from the cross 'Moscato bianco' x Vitis ripariaActa Horticulturae (528) 209-213
    MERDINOGLU, D.; BUTTERLIN, G.; BAUR, C.; BALTHAZARD, J.Comparison of RAPD,AFLP and SSR (Microsatellite) Markers for genetic Diversity analysis in Vitis vinifera L.Acta Horticulturae (528) 193-197
    GRANDO, M.S.; FRISINGHELLI, C.; STEFANINI, M.Genotyping of local grapevine germplasmActa Horticulturae (528) 183-187
    REGNER, F.; STADLHUBER, A.; EISENHELD, C.; KASERER, H.Considerations about the Evolution of grapevine and the role of TraminerActa Horticulturae (528) 177-181
    MALOSSINI, U.; GRANDO, M.S.; RONCADOR, I.; MATTIVI, F.Parentage analysis and characterization of some Italian Vitis vinifera crossesActa Horticulturae (528) 139-145
    REGNER, F.; SEFC, K.; GLÖSSL, J.; STEINKELLNER, H.Parentage analysis and pedigree reconstruction of vine cultivars using microsatellite markersActa Horticulturae (528) 133-138
    BOWERS, J.E.; SIRET, R.; MEREDITH, C.P.; THIS, P.; BOURSIQUOT, J.-M.A single pair of parents proposed for a group of grapevine varieties in northeastern FranceActa Horticulturae (528) 129-132
    FERREIRA MONTEIRO, F.; NUNES, E.; MAGALHAES, R.; FARIA, M.A.; MARTINS, A.; BOWERS, J.E.; MEREDITH, C.P.Fingerprinting of the main Vitis vinifera varieties grown in the northern region of PortugalActa Horticulturae (528) 121-127