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Bibliography in which the synonym was cited

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  1. Synonym: COUDERC 28-112
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Source codeAuthorTitleJournal title / publisherYearPage
111MOOG, H.Beiträge zur AmpelographieArthur Jander, Geisenheim1930-1935Vol. 6 (6), p. 563
334GALET, P.Cépages et Vignobles de France. Les vignes américaines, Tome 1, 2e éditionCharles Dehan, Montpellier1988413
854GALET, P.Dictionnaire encyclopédique des cépages et de leurs synonymesÈditions Libre & Solidaire (M.E.C.)2015351
40239RIAZ, S.; TENSCHER, A. C.; RAMMING, D. W.; WALKER, M. A.Using a limited mapping strategy to identify major QTLs for resistance to grapevine powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) and their use in marker-assisted breedingTheoretical and Applied Genetics 122 (6) 1059-1073