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Bibliography in which the synonym was cited

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  1. Synonym: CIPAR
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Source codeAuthorTitleJournal title / publisherYearPage
854GALET, P.Dictionnaire encyclopédique des cépages et de leurs synonymesÉditions Libre & Solidaire (M.E.C.)2015325
40875ZULJ MIHALJEVIC, M.; MALETIC, E.; PREINER, D.; ZDUNIC, G.; BUBOLA, M.; ZYPRIAN, E.; PEJIC, I.Genetic diversity, population structure, and parentage analysis of Croatian grapevine germplasmGenes 11, 737, 30 pp.
40449SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.Grec rougeItalian Vitis Database2014
47BULIC, ST.Dalmatinska AmpelografijaPoljoprivredni Nakladni Zavod, Zagreb1949229
923MALETIC, E.; KONTIC, J. K.; ILIJAS, I.Green book: indigenous grapevine varieties of CroatiaState Institute for Nature Protection2015102
40147TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.; LACOMBE, T.; SCHNEIDER, A.Identification of grape cultivars from Liguria (north-western Italy)Vitis 48 (4) 175-1832009179
40487RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.; DE LORENZIS, G.; IMAZIO, S.; FIORI, S.; FAILLA, O.; SCHNEIDER, A.Detection of grapevine synonyms in Lombardy and Piedmont regions (northern Italy)Vitis 54 (Special Issue) 31-36201534
865MALETIC, E.; PEJIC, I.; KAROGLAN KONTIC, J.; ZDUNIC, G.; PREINER, D.; SIMON, S.; ANDABAKA, Z.; ZULJ MIHALJEVIC, M.; BUBOLA, M.; MARKOVIC, Z.; STUPIC, D.; MUCALO, A.Ampelographic and genetic characterization of Croatian grapevine varietiesVitis 54 (Special Issue) 93-98201595