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    Journal title: Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research

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ZINELABIDINE, L. H.; LAIADI, Z.; BENMEHAIA, R.; GAGO, P.; BOSO, S.; SANTIAGO, J. L.; HADDIOUI, A.; IBANEZ, J.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J. M.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Comparative ampelographic and genetic analysis of grapevine cultivars from Algeria and Morocco2014
TORRES, R.; ALIQUÓ, G.; TORO, A.; FERNANDEZ, F.; TORNELLO, S.; PALAZZO, E.; SARI, S.; FANZONE, M.; DE BIAZI, F.; OVIEDO, H.J.; SEGURA, R.; LAUCOU, V.; LACOMBE, T.; PRIETO, J.A.Identification and recovery of local Vitis vinifera L. cultivars collected in ancient vineyards in different locations of Argentina2022
SUNSERI, F.; LUPINI, A.; MAUCERI, A.; DE LORENZIS, G.; ARANITI, F.; BRANCADORO, L.; DATTOLA, A.; GULLO, G.; ZAPPIA, R.; MERCATI, F.Single nucleotide polymorphism profiles reveal an admixture genetic structure of grapevine germplasm from Calabria, Italy, uncovering its key role for the diversification of cultivars in the Mediterranean Basin2018
SANTIAGO, J. L.; GONZALEZ, I.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; BOSO, S.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Identification of and relationships among a number of teinturier grapevines that expanded across Europe in the early 20th century2008
ORRU, M.; GRILLO, O.; VENORA, G.; BACCHETTA, G.Seed morpho-colorimetric analysis by computer vision: a helpful tool to identify grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars2015
MOITA MACANITA, A.; SANTOS, R.; CATARINA GOMES, A.Unravelling the origin of Vitis vinifera L. Verdelho2018
MARTINEZ, M. C.; BOSO, S.; GAGO, P.; MUNOZ-ORGANERO, G.; ANDRES, M. T. DE; GAFORIO, L.; CABELLO, F.; SANTIAGO, J. L.Value of two Spanish live grapevine collections in the resolution of synonyms, homonyms and naming errors2018
GOMEZ-ALONSO, S.; FERNANDEZ-GONZALEZ ,M.; MENA, A.; MARTINEZ, J.; GARCIA-ROMERO, E.Anthocyanin profile of Spanish Vitis vinifera L. red grape varieties in danger of extinction2007
CUNHA, J.; IBANEZ, J.; TEIXEIRA-SANTOS, M.; BRAZAO, J.; FEVEREIRO, P.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J. M.; EIRAS-DIAS, J. E.Characterisation of the Portuguese grapevine germplasm with 48 single-nucleotide polymorphisms2016
CRESPAN, M.; CARRARO, R.; GIUST, M.; MIGLIARO, D.Origin of Termarina cultivar, another grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) parthenocarpic somatic variant2016
CLARK, M. D.; TEH, S. L.; BURKNESS, E.; MOREIRA, L.; WATSON, G.; YIN, L.; HUTCHISON, W. D.; LUBY, J. J.Quantitative trait loci identified for foliar phylloxera resistance in a hybrid grape population2018
BOURSIQUOT, J. M.; LACOMBE, T.; LAUCOU, V.; JULLIARD, S.; PERRIN, F. X.; LANIER, N.; LEGRAND, D.; MEREDITH, C.; THIS, P.Parentage of Merlot and related winegrape cultivars of southwestern France: Discovery of the missing link2009
ALIQUO, G.; TORRES, R.; LACOMBE, T.; BOURSIQUOT, J. - M.; LAUCOU, V.; GUALPA, J.; FANZONE, M.; SARI, S.; PEREZ PENA, J.; PRIETO, J. A.Identity and parentage of some South American grapevine cultivars present in Argentina2017