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    Prime name: UCD GRN 1

    Variety number VIVC: 25631

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Source codeOriginal title (access to prime names)AuthorBibliographical sourceYearCultivar name as given in bibliographyPage
992Resistance of grape rootstocks to plant-parasitic nematodesFERRIS, H.; ZHENG, L.; WALKER, M. A.Journal of Nematology 44 (4) 377-3862012UCD GRN 1Suppl.
993Developing Rootstocks to Combat Nematodes in California VineyardsWALKER, A.FPS Grape Program Newsletter 1520028909-0517
994Use of molecular markers to correct grape breeding errors and determine the identity of novel sources of resistance to Xiphinema index and Pierce's diseaseRIAZ, S.; VEZZULLI, S.; HARBERTSON, E. S.; WALKER, M. A.American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 58 (4) 494-49820078909494
11431Nematode resistant grape rootstock 8909-05WALKER, A.; OLMO, H. P.; EVERIST, K.United States Plant Patent 19,98120098909-051
1067Breeding Vitis rupestris X Muscadinia rotundifolia rootstocks to control Xiphinema index and fanleaf degenerationWALKER, M. A.; JIN, Y.Acta Horticulturae (528) 511-51520008909514
1092Five Nematode Resistant Rootstocks are ReleasedCOVERT, C.FPS Grape Program Newsletter October 20082008UC DAVIS GRN-16
841Grapevine Breeding Programs for the Wine IndustryREYNOLDS, A. G.Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, Nr. 2682015GRN 1367
962Register of New Fruit and Nut Cultivars, List 45OWENS, C. L.HortScience 45 (5) 72920108909-05 (UCD GRN-1)729
50067Rootstocks improve Blanc du Bois vine performance and fruit quality on alkaline soilSCHEINER, J. J.; LABAY, A.; KAMAS, J.Catalyst 4 (2) 63-73 2020UCD GRN 163