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    Prime name: KOSINJOT

    Variety number VIVC: 23803

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Source codeOriginal title (access to prime names)AuthorBibliographical sourceYearCultivar name as given in bibliographyPage
40494Study and parentage analysis of old Albanian grapevine cultivars by ampelography and microsatellite markersCARKA, F.; MAUL, E.; SEVO, R.Vitis 54 (Special Issue) 127-1312015KOSINJOT128
40516The prolific grape variety (Vitis vinifera L.) ‘Heunisch Weiss’ B (= ‘Gouais blanc’): bud mutants, colored homonyms and further offspringMAUL, E.; EIBACH, R.; ZYPRIAN, E.; TÖPFER, R.Vitis 54, 79-862015SERVIN CHERNYI79
40299Molecular characterization of old local grapevine varieties from South East European countriesZULJ MIHALJEVIC, M.; SIMON, S.; PEJIC, I.; CARKA, F.; SEVO, R.; KOLS, A.; GASI, F.; TOMIC, L.; JOVANOVIC CVETKOVIC, T.; MALETIC, E.; PREINER, D.; BOZINOVIC, Z.; SAVIN, G.; CORNEA, V.; MARAS, V.; TOMIC MUGOSA, M.; BOTU, M.; POPA, A.; BELESKI, K.Vitis 52 (2) 69-762013SERINE E ZEZE73
864Characterization of main grapevine varieties of Albania and Kosovo based on molecular dataBACU, A.; BAJRAKTARI, Y.; PAPA, S.; THOMAJ, F.; MICHAILIDOU, S.; ARGYRIOU, A.Vitis 54 (Special Issue) 91-922015KASINJOT91
40895Parentage Atlas of Italian Grapevine Varieties as Inferred From SNP GenotypingD’ONOFRIO, C.; TUMINO, G.; GARDIMAN, M.; CRESPAN, M.; BIGNAMI, C.; DE PALMA, L.; BARBAGALLO, M. G.; MUGANU, M.; MORCIA, C.; NOVELLO, V.; SCHNEIDER, A.; TERZI, V.Frontiers in Plant Science (11) 16 pp. 2021KOSINJOTSuppl.
1380Genetic characterization of grape genotypes from Apulia and synonymies in other Mediterranean regionDI RIENZO, V.; FANELLI, V.; SABETTA, W.; MIAZZI, M. M.; SION, S.; PIROLO, C.; MONTEMURRO, C.XII International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics, July 15-20, 2018. Bordeaux, France. (Poster)2018ROSSO DI LECCE