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    Prime name: SUFFOLK RED

    Variety number VIVC: 12038

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Source codeOriginal title (access to prime names)AuthorBibliographical sourceYearCultivar name as given in bibliographyPage
176A Catalog of New and Noteworthy FruitsANONYMOUSNew York State Fruit Testing Cooperative Association, Geneva, New York198123
40503USDA GRIN Germplasm Resources Information NetworkANONYMOUSUnited States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service2016SUFFOLK RED329
826Pl@nt Grape - Le catalogue des vignes cultivées en FranceANONYMOUSInstitut Francais de la Vigne et du Vin (ENTAV-ITV) and others2015SUFFOLK REDfig.
40144Use of genetic markers to assess pedigrees of grape cultivars and breeding program selectionsBAUTISTA, J.; DANGL, G. S.; YANG, J.; REISCH, B.; STOVER, E.American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 59 (3) 248-2542008SUFFOLK RED248
673Évolutions Variétales en raisin de tableBOURRIE, B.; WESTERCAMP, P.; LEYDET, F.; LAVIGNE, D.INFOS CTIFL (263) 16-212010SUFFOLK RED16, 20
10159"Lakemont", "Suffolk Red" and "Cayuga White" - new grapes from New YorkEINSET, J.Fruit Varieties Journal 27 (1) 12-151973SUFFOLK RED13
404Ergebnisse eines Vergleichs verschiedener Tafeltraubensorten im steirischen Klima unter Verwendung objektiver und subjektiver Parameter (2.Teil)KEPPEL, H.Obst-Wein-Garten (8) 6-919946
403Ergebnisse eines Vergleichs verschiedener Tafeltraubensorten im steirischen Klima unter Verwendung objektiver und subjektiver Parameter (1.Teil)KEPPEL, H.Obst-Wein-Garten (7) 11-14199412
788Seedlessness in GrapesLEDBETTER, C.A.; RAMMING, D.W.Horticultural Reviews (11) 159-1841989SUFFOLK RED173
40894Genetic structure and molecular diversity of Brazilian grapevine germplasm: Management and use in breeding programsLUCIANO DE OLIVEIRA, G.; PEREIRA DE SOUZA, A.; ANCELMO DE OLIVEIRA, F.; IMACULADA ZUCCHI, M.; MOURA DE SOUZA, L.; FERNANDES MOURA, M.PLOS ONE, October 15 2020TIETA (SUFFOLK RED)
470List of Fruit Varieties. Named at the New York State Agricultural Experiment StationREISCH, B.I.New York's Food and Life Sciences Bulletin, No. 15119974
402Table grape varieties for cool climatesREISCH, B.I.; PETERSON, D.V.; POOL, R.M.; MARTENS, M.-H.Media Service, Cornell University1993SUFFOLK RED4
841Grapevine Breeding Programs for the Wine IndustryREYNOLDS, A. G.Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, Nr. 2682015SUFFOLK RED347
40482BÖLN-Projekt: Weiterentwicklung von Wissenstransfer- und Informationssystemen zur nachhaltigen Nutzung rebengenetischer RessourcenRÖCKEL, F.; MAUL, E.; TÖPFER, R.in preparation2014-2016SUFFOLK REDSuppl.
783Ameliorarea Sortimentului Viticol al Republicii MoldovaSAVIN, G.Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei2012SUFFOLK RED219
460Database of grape genetic resources for 21-st century ampelographySHIRAISHI, M.; SHIRAISHI, S.Kyushu University, Fukuoka 811-23, Japan1997SUFFOLKRED SEEDLESS364
718Genetic diversity of table grape based on morphoagronomic traitsSOUZA LEAO, P. C. DE; DAMIAO CRUZ, C.; MOTOIKE, S. Y.Scientia Agricola 68 (1) 42-492011SUFFOLK RED44