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    Prime name: SATENI CHERNYI

    Variety number VIVC: 10783

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Source codeOriginal title (access to prime names)AuthorBibliographical sourceYearCultivar name as given in bibliographyPage
22Les Meilleurs Cépages de l'URSSNEGROUL, A. M."Kolos", Moscou1972SATENI TCHEURNY136, 217
74Catalogue of the Grapevine Collections of the USSRKATARJAN, T.G.Yalta1962341
132Enzyklopädie für Weinbau (russ.) 1-3TIMUSH, A.I.Kishinev Glaviaya Redaktsiya1986SATENI CHERNYIVol. 3, p. 73
36Ampelography of USSR, Vol. 1-6FROLOV-BAGREEV, A.M.; NEGRUL, A.M.; BLAGONRAVOV, P.P.Staatlicher wiss.-techn. Verlag des Ministeriums für Lebensmittelproduktion1946-1956SATENYI CHERNYIVol. 5, p. 253
505Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des CépagesGALET, P.Hachette2000SATENI TCHERNY716
518Development of national programmes on plant genetic resources in Southeastern Europe - conservation and sustainable use of grapevine genetic resources in the Caucasus and Northern Black Sea regionMAGHRADZE, D.2006113
611Azerbaycanin aborigen ve introduksiya olunmus uezuem sortlariPENAHOV, T. M.; SELIMOV, V. S.Baki2008GARA SATENI217
678Caucasus and Northern Black Sea Region AmpelographyMAGHRADZE, D.; RUSTIONI, L.; TUROK, J.; SCIENZA, A.; FAILLA, O.VITIS- Journal of Grapevine Research 2012SEV SATENI72
40314Identification of mildew resistance in wild and cultivated Central Asian grape germplasmRIAZ, S.; BOURSIQUOT, J. M.; DANGL, G. S.; LACOMBE, T.; LAUCOU; V.; TENSCHER, A. C.; WALKER, M. A.BMC Plant Biology 13 (149) 212013SATENI TCHERNYSuppl.
40306Large-scale parentage analysis in an extended set of grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.)LACOMBE, T.; BOURSIQUOT, J.M.; LAUCOU, V.; DI VECCHI-STARAZ, M.; PEROS, J.P.; THIS, P.Theoretical Applied Genetics 126 (2) 401-414 2013SATENI TCHERNYSuppl.
782Azerbaycanin uezuem SortlariPENAHOV, T. M.; SELIMOV, V. S.'Müellim' Nesriyyati2012GARA SATENI169
1148Mainly cultivated grape varieties in ArmeniaAYVAZYAN, P.; AYVAZYAN, G.; BARSEGHYAN, Y.Armenian National Agrarian University, Yerevan; Armenia2015SEV SATENI226, fig.
1165AmpelographyMELYAN, G.; SAFARYAN, D.; NERSISYAN, A.Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia2019SEV SATENI123
1274Genetic diversity and traditional uses of aboriginal grape (Vitis vinifera L.) varieties from the main viticultural regions of ArmeniaDALLAKYAN, M.; ESOYAN, S.; GASPARYAN, B.; SMITH, A.; HOVHANNISYAN, N.Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 67 (4) 999-1024 2020SEV SATENI1012
854Dictionnaire encyclopédique des cépages et de leurs synonymesGALET, P.Éditions Libre & Solidaire (M.E.C.)2015SATENI CHERNYI992
18Régistre Ampélographique International Vol. 1-5O.I.V.Office International de la Vigne et du Vin, Paris1961-1972SATENI TCHERNYBd. 3, Nr. 218, fig.