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Bibliography in which the synonym was cited

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  1. Synonym: SEYVE VILLARD 12-375
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Source codeAuthorTitleJournal title / publisherYearPage
222GALET, P.A practical ampelography. Grapevine identificationComstock Publishing Associates, Ithaca and London1979182
595PAVLOUSEK, P.Encyklopedie Révy VinnéComputer Press, Brno, Czech Republik2008231
40014REGNER, F.; EISENHELD, C.; KASERER, H.; STADLBAUER, A.Weitere Sortenanalysen bei Rebe mittels genetischer MarkerMitteilungen Klosterneuburg 51 (1) 3-14200111
760ROBINSON, JANCIS; HARDING, JULIA; VOUILLAMOZ, JOSÉWine grapes. A complete guide to 1.368 vine varieties, including their origins and flavoursPenguin Books Ltd.20121140
1396ILNITSKAYA, E.; GUGUCHKINA, T.; TALASH, A.Identification of downy mildew resistance genes Rpv10 and Rpv3 by DNA-marker analysis in a Russian grapevine germplasm collectionActa Horticulturae (1248) 129-134