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Bibliography in which the synonym was cited

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  1. Synonym: D8909-15
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Source codeAuthorTitleJournal title / publisherYearPage
994RIAZ, S.; VEZZULLI, S.; HARBERTSON, E. S.; WALKER, M. A.Use of molecular markers to correct grape breeding errors and determine the identity of novel sources of resistance to Xiphinema index and Pierce's diseaseAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 58 (4) 494-4982007494
50013RIAZ, S.; KRIVANEK, A. F.; XU, K.; WALKER, M. A.Refined mapping of the Pierce's disease resistance locus, PdR, and Sex on an extended genetic map of Vitis rupestris x V. arizonicaTheoretical and Applied Genetics 113 (7) 1317-1329
50040XU, K.; RIAZ, S.; RONCORONI, N. C.; JIN, Y.; HU, R.; ZHOU, R.; WALKER, M. A.Genetic and QTL analysis of resistance to Xiphinema index in a grapevine crossTheoretical and Applied Genetics 116 (2) 305-311
50028HWANG, C. F.; XU, K.; HU, R.; ZHOU, R.; RIAZ, S.; WALKER, M. A.Cloning and characterization of XiR1, a locus responsible for dagger nematode resistance in grapeTheoretical and Applied Genetics 121 (4) 789-799