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    CRESPAN, M.; MIGLIARO, D.; LARGER, S.; PINDO, M.; PALMISANO, M.; MANNI, A.; MANNI, E.; POLIDORI, E.; SBAFFI, F.; SILVESTRI, Q.; SILVESTRONI, O.; VELASCO, R.; VIRGILI, S.; CARMILLI, G.Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) varietal assortment and evolution in the Marche region (central Italy)OENO One (3) 17-37
    D’ONOFRIO, C.; TUMINO, G.; GARDIMAN, M.; CRESPAN, M.; BIGNAMI, C.; DE PALMA, L.; BARBAGALLO, M. G.; MUGANU, M.; MORCIA, C.; NOVELLO, V.; SCHNEIDER, A.; TERZI, V.Parentage Atlas of Italian Grapevine Varieties as Inferred From SNP GenotypingFrontiers in Plant Science (11) 16 pp.
    EIRAS DIAS, J.Tamares Preto, Tamares Redondo; Neuer Kurator für PRT051personal communication
    FRAU, A.; RIGOLDI, M. P.The case of Bovale sardo, Bovali manni and Bovale grande di Spagnapersonal communication
    KARN, A.; CHENG ZOU; BROOKS, S.; FRESNEDO-RAMIREZ, J.; GABLER, F.; QI SUN; RAMMING, D. W.; NAEGELE, R.; LEDBETTER, C. A.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.;Discovery of the REN11 Locus From Vitis aestivalis for Stable Resistance to Grapevine Powdery Mildew in a Family Segregating for Several Unstable and Tissue-Specific Quantitative Resistance LociFrontiers in Plant Science 12 (Art. 733899)
    MARGARYAN, K.; MELYAN, G.; RÖCKEL, R.; TÖPFER, R.; MAUL, E.Genetic diversity of Armenian Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Germplasm: Molecular Characterization and Parentage AnalysisBiology 10 (12) 1279
    RAIMONDI, S.Moretto grossopersonal communication
    RIGOLDI, P.; FRAU, A.Personal communication - Notes on AKINAS varietiesPersonal communication, march 2021
    RODRIGUES, J. A.Microsatellite DNA fingerprinting of a new vinifera red grapevine cultivar, Cabernet labrusco, indigenous to South AfricaResearchGate
    RODRIGUES, J. A.The "Herbemont" hybrid grape cultivars in Madeira and Brazil share identical DNA fingerprints - proving they are Herbemont seedlings with the vinifera cultivar, Chasselas blanc, as a parent.ResearchGate
    SPARACIO, A.; MERCATI, F.; SCIARA, F.; PISCIOTTA, A.; CAPRARO, F.; SPARLA, S.; ABBATE, L.; MAUCERI, A.; PLANETA, D.; CORONA, O.; CRESPAN, M.; SUNSERI, F.; BARBAGALLO, M. G.Moscato Cerletti, a rediscovered aromatic cultivar with oenological potential in warm and dry areasOENO One 55 (3) 123-140
    SPRING, J. L.; DUPRAZ, P.Die Rebenzüchtung bei AgroscopeAgroscope, Nyon; Switzerland
    WANG HAIBO; WANG BAOLIANG; JI XIAOHAO; WANG XIAODI; SHI XIANGBIN; WANG ZHIQIANG; WANG XIAOLONG; LIU FENGZHIA new mid-ripening table grape cultivar 'Huapu Heifeng'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 48 (2) 401-402