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    ANDERSEN, P. C.; CROCKER, T. E.; BREMAN, J.The Muscadine GrapeUniversity of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, IFAS (HS763) 18 pp.
    ANONYMOUSNeue Freiburger Ruländer KloneDas deutsche Weinmagazin (19) 31-33
    ANONYMOUSSelection from 500 Georgian Autochthon Grape Varieties33rd World Congress of Vine and Wine, Porto
    BACILIERI, R. ; MAGHRADZE, D. ; GRANDO, S. ; PEJIC, I. ; MAUL, E. ; MUNOZ, G. ; ERIAS DIAS, J. ; SCHNEIDER A. ; BOSELLLI, M. ; THIS, P.Conservation, Characterisation and Management of Grapevine Genetic Resources: The European Project GrapeGen0633rd World Congress of Vine and Wine, Tbilisi, Georgia, 20-27 Juni 2010
    BODOR, P.; HOEHN, M.; PEDRYC, A.; DEAK, T.; DUESCO, I.; UZUN, I.; CSEKE, K.; BOEHM, E. I.; BISZTRAY, G. D.Conservation value of the native Hungarian wild grape (Vitis sylvestris Gmel.) evaluated by microsatellite markersVitis 49 (1) 23-27
    BOURRIE, B.; WESTERCAMP, P.; LEYDET, F.; LAVIGNE, D.Évolutions Variétales en raisin de tableINFOS CTIFL (263) 16-21
    BUHNER-ZAHARIEVA, T.; MOUSSAOUI, S.; LORENTE, M.; ANDREU, J.; NUNEZ, R.; ORTIZ, J. M.; GOGORCENA, Y.Preservation and molecular characterization of ancient varieties in Spanish grapevine germplasm collectionsAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (4) 557-562
    CAMARGO, U. A.; MAIA, J. D. G.; RITSCHEL, P.Embrapa grapevines and wines: New Brazilian grapevine cultivarsEmbrapa Uva e Vinho 1-64, Bento Goncalves (RS); Brazil
    CAMARGO, U.A.; MAIA, J.D.G.; RITSCHEK, P.Embrapa uva e Vinho, novas cultivares brasileiras de uvaEmpresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária Embrapa Uva e Vinho Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento
    CARCAMO, C.; PROVEDO, I.; ARROYO-GARCIA, R.Detection of polymorphism in ancient Tempranillo clones (Vitis vinifera L.) using microsatellite and retrotransposon markersIranian Journal of Biotechnology (8) 1
    CARIMI, F.; MERCATI, F.; ABBATE, L.; SUNSERI, F.Microsatellite analyses for evaluation of genetic diversity among Sicilian grapevine cultivarsGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 57 (5) 703-719
    CHRISTENSEN, P. L.; FIDELIBUS, M.Release of 'Fay Rouge'- a Fay Triplett Red Wine VarietyFPS Grape Program Newsletter October 2010
    CIPRIANI, G.; MARRAZZO, M.T.; PETERLUNGER, E.Molecular characterization of the autochthonous grape cultivars of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia - North-Eastern ItalyVitis 49 (1) 29-38
    CIPRIANI, G.; SPADOTTO, A.; JURMAN, I.; GASPERO, G. DI; CRESPAN, M.; MENEGHETTI, S.; FRARE, E.; VIGNANI, R.; CRESTI, M.; MORGANTE, M.; PEZZOTTI, M.; PE, E.; POLICRITI, A.; TESTOLIN, R.The SSR-based molecular profile of 1005 grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) accessions uncovers new synonymy and parentages, and reveals a large admixture amongst varieties of different geographic originTheoretical and Applied Genetics 121 (8) 1569-1585
    CLARK, J.R.; MOORE, J.N.A- 2640United States Plant Patent 20,745
    CONNER, P. J.A century of Muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.) breeding at the University of GeorgiaJournal of the American Pomological Society 64 (2) 78-82
    CUNHA, J.; TEIXEIRA-SANTOS, M.; VELOSO, M.; CARNEIRO, L.; EIRAS-DIAS, J.; FEVEREIRO, P.The Portuguese Vitis vinifera L. germplasm: Genetic relations between wild and cultivated vinesCiencia e Tecnica Vitivinicola 25 (1) 25-37
    DANGL, G.S.; RAICHE, R.; SIM, S.; YANG, J.; GOLINO, D.A.Genetic composition of the ornamental grape Roger's RedAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (2) 266-271
    DIAZ LOSADA, E.; TATO SALGADO, A.; RAMOS-CABRER, A.M.; RIO SEGADE, S.; CORTES DIEGUEZ, S.; PEREIRA-LORENZO, S.Twenty microsatellites (SSRs) reveal two main origins of variability in grapevine cultivars from Northwestern SpainVitis 49 (2) 55-62
    DOBREI, A.; MALAESCU, M.; GHITA, A.; CRISTEA, T.; MOS, V.Research concerning local valuable grape varieties and biotypes Timis County, RomaniaJournal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology 14 (1) 291-297
    DRESSEL, L.W.Cabernet DianeUnited States Plant Patent 20,914
    DRESSEL, L.W.Crimson CabernetUnited States Plant Patent 20,913
    DRESSEL, L.W.ZinthianaUnited States Plant Patent 20,889
    DRESSEL, LUCIAN W.Grapevine Plant named Cabernet DoreUnited States Plant Patent 20,915
    DUPRAZ, P.; SPRING, J. L.Rebsorten. Die wichtigsten in der Schweiz angebauten Rebsorten Ampelographisches GlossarAMTRA, Centre de Recherche Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW
    GHEORGHE, R. N.; POPESCU, C. F.; PAMFIL, D.; CIOCIRLAN, C. N.; SESTRAS, R.Genetic diversity of some Romanian grapevine cultivars as revealed by microsatellite markersRomanian Biotechnological Letters 15 (2 Suppl) 26-31
    GHETEA, L.G.; MOTOC, R.M.; POPESCU, C.F.; BARBACAR, N.; IANCU, D.; CONSTANTINESCA, C.; BARBARII, L.E.Genetic profiling of nine grapevine cultivars from Romania, based on SSR markersRomanian Biotechnological Letters 15 (1 Suppl) 116-124
    GIANNETTO, SABRINA; CARUANA, RANDALL; LA NOTTE, PIERFEDERICO; COSTACURTA, ANGELO; CRESPAN, MANNAA survey of Maltese grapevine germplasm using SSR markersAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (3) 419-424
    GORYSLAVETS, S.; RISOVANNA, V.; BACILIERI, R.; HAUSMANN, J.-F.; HEUERTZ, M.A parentage study of closely related Ukrainian wine grape varieties using microsatellite markersCytology and Genetics 44 (2) 95-102
    GUO, D.L.; ZHANG, J.Y.; LIU, C.H.Genetic relationships of chinese grape accessions to european and american cultivars assessed by microsatellite markersBiotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 24 (4) 2054-2059
    GUO, XIU-WU; GUO, YIN-SHAN; LI, YI-HUI; LI, CHENG-XIANG; GAO, XIU-YAN; ZHOU, XING-BEN; LI, KUN; SU, FU-ZHIA new early-maturing grape Cultivar 'Shennong Jinhuanghou'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 37 (10) 1699-1700
    GUO, XIU-WU; LI, CHENG-XIANG; GUO, YIN-SHAN; LI, YI-HUI; GAO, XIU-YAN; ZHOU, XING-BEN; LI, KUNA new grape cultivar 'Shennong Shuofeng' with big berry and disease resistanceActa Horticulturae Sinica 37 (11) 1873-1874
    GUO, YIN-SHAN; LI, YI-HUI; GUO, XIU-WU; LI, CHENG-XIANG; GAO, XIU-YAN; LI, KUN; ZHOU, XING-BEN; SU, FU-ZHIA new high quality grape cultivar 'Shennong Xiangfeng' with disease resistanceActa Horticulturae Sinica 37 (12) 2031-2032
    HWANG, C. F.; XU, K.; HU, R.; ZHOU, R.; RIAZ, S.; WALKER, M. A.Cloning and characterization of XiR1, a locus responsible for dagger nematode resistance in grapeTheoretical and Applied Genetics 121 (4) 789-799
    LABRA, M.; DE MATTIA, F.Il DNA dei vitigni sardiIlisso 167-179
    LOVICU, G.; FARCI, M.; SEDDA, M.; LABBRA, M.; DE MATTIA, F.; GRASSI, F.; BACCHETTA, G.; ORRÚ, M.Sardegna: individuati circa 150 vitigni autoctoniL'Informatore Agrario (34) 40-41
    LU, J.; REN, Z.-B.; XU, X.MajestyUnited States Plant Patent 21,965
    MA, XIAO-HE; TANG, XIAO-PING; CHEN, JUN; ZHAO, QI-FENG; DONG, ZHI-GANGA new excellent mid-maturing grape cultivar 'Qiuheibao'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 37 (11) 1875-1876
    MANNINI, F.; CRAVERO, M. C.; BONELLO, F.; MARCHESE, E.; PARAVIDINO, E.; TRAGNI, R.Caratterizzazione agronomica ed enologica della cultivar da incrocio intraspecifico 'Passau' per una utilizzazione commercialeQuaderni della Scuola di Specializzazione in Viticoltura ed Enologia, Univ. Torino (31) 259-267
    MARANTO, J.Roma SeedlessUnited States Plant Patent 21,075
    NECULA, C.; POPA, C.; PETRESCU, N.; MARIN, C.Valuable table grapes varieties from Stefanesti-Arges wineyard and their agrobiological attributesLucrari Stiintifice 53 (2) 205-208
    NIGRO, G.Progetto vitigni minoriCRPV, Centro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali, Regione Emilia-Romagna
    NIKKHAH, R.; EBADI, A.; NAGHAVI, M.R.; CRESTI, M.; SCALI, M.; HADADYNEJAD, M.Application of SSR markers for characterization of genetic diversity within Iranian grapevine cultivars ('Askari' and 'Keshmeshi')Horticulture, Environment, and Biotechnology 51 (1) 39-44
    ODART, A. P.Ampélographie universelle ou traité des cépages les plus estimés dans tous les vignobles de quelque renom (1874)Libraire Agricole 1874, Reprint Kessinger Publishing 2010
    OWENS, C. L.Register of New Fruit and Nut Cultivars, List 45HortScience 45 (5) 729
    PAVLOUSEK, P.'Cerason' GrapeHorticultural Science 45 (11) 1753-1755
    PELSY, F.; HOCQUIGNY, S.; MONCADA, X.; BARBEAU, G.; FORGET, D.; HINRICHSEN, P.; MERDINOGLU, D.An extensive study of the genetic diversity within seven French wine grape variety collectionsTheoretical and Applied Genetics 120 (6) 1219-1231
    PENAHOV, T. M.; SELIMOV, V. S.; ZARI, E. M.Azerbaycan Respublikasi kend Teserruefati NazirliyiBaki
    RIAHI, L.; ZOGHLAMI, N.; EL-HEIT, K.; LAUCOU, V.; LE CUNFF, L.; BOURSIQUOT, J.M.; LACOMBE, T.; MLIKI, A.; GHORBEL, A.; THIS, P.Genetic structure and differentiation among grapevines (Vitis vinifera) accessions from Maghreb regionGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 57 (2) 225-272
    ROTARU, L.; MUSTEA, M.; PETREA, G.; NECHITA, B.New creations vinifera for table grapes intended for the restrictive conditions of culture of the North-Eastern zone of RomaniaJournal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology 14 (1) 7-12
    RUSJAN, D.; JUG, T.; STAJNER, N.Evaluation of genetic diversity: Which of the varieties can be named Rebula (Vitis vinifera L.)?Vitis 49 (4) 189-192
    SALMASO, M.; VANNOZZI, A.; LUCCHINI, M.Chloroplast microsatellite markers to assess genetic diversity and origin of an endangered Italian grapevine collectionAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (4) 551-556
    SANTANA, C.J.; HEUERTZ, M.; ARRANZ, C.; RUBIO, J.A.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J.M.; HIDALGO, E.Genetic structure, origins, and relationships of grapevine cultivars from the Castilian Plateau of SpainAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (2) 214-224
    SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; DE ANDRES, M.T.; RAIMONDI, S.; CABELLO, F.; RUFFA, P.; GARCIA-MUNOZ, S.; MUNOZ-ORGANERO, G.Prie blanc and Legiruela: a unique grape cultivar grown in distant European regionsJournal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 44 (1) 1-8
    SCHUCK, M.R.; MOREIRA, F.M.; VOLTOLINI, J.A.; GUERRA, M.P.; GRANDO, M.S.; DA SILVA, A.L.Identificacao molecular da uva "Goethe" de Urussanga-SC por Marcadores MicrossatelitesRevista Brasileira de Fruticultura 32 (3) 825-831
    SHEEHAN, T.P.Sheegene 3United States Plant Patent 21,316
    SHEEHAN, T.P.Sheegene 4United States Plant Patent 20,753
    SOUZA LEAO, P. C. DE; DAMIAO CRUZ, C.; MOTOIKE, S. Y.Genetic diversity of a Brazilian wine grape germplasm collection based on morphoagronomic traitsRevista Brasileira de Fruticultura 32 (4) 1164-1172
    STAVRAKAS, D. E.AmpelographiaEkdoseis Ziti, Peraia, Thessaloniki - 2. Edition
    STEFANINI, M.; TOMASI, T.Antichi Vitigni del TrentinoFondazione Edmund Mach, San Michele all'Adige (TN); Italy
    TOTH-LENCSES, A. K.; KOZMA, P.; KISS, E.Parentage Analysis in Hungarian Grape Cultivars of Seibel, Seyve-Villard OriginSzent István Egyetem/Mezogazdasági és Környezettudományi Kar, Genetika és Biotechnológiai Intézet, 2100, Gödöllo Páter Károly
    TROSHIN, L. P.; RADCHEVSKII, P. P.Vinograd Illyustrirovannyi Katalog
    TROSHIN, L.P.; ZAMANIDI, P.K.Aleksampelowissenschaftliche Zeitschrift KubGAU 64 (10) 1- 17
    TROSHIN, L.P.; ZAMANIDI, P.K.Professor Guzunwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift KubGAU 55 (1) 1- 15
    TROSHIN, L.P.; ZAMANIDI, P.K.Steady in a complex, seedless, black berry Athena grape varietywissenschaftliche Zeitschrift KubGAU 57 (3) 1-18
    TROSHIN, T.L.; ZAMANIDI, P.K.Artemiswissenschaftliche Zeitschrift KubGAU 63 (9) 1- 14
    UPADHYAY, A.; KADAM, U.S.; CHACKO, P. M.; AHER, L.; KARIBASAPPA, G. S.Microsatellite analysis to differentiate clones of Thompson Seedless grapevineIndian Journal of Horticulture 67 (2) 260-263
    VELOSO, M.M.; ALMANDANIM, M.C.; BALEIRAS-COUTO, M.; PEREIRA, H.S.; CARNEIRO, L.C.; FEVEREIRO, P.; EIRAS-DIAS, J.Microsatellite database of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars used for wine production in PortugalCiência e Técnica Vitivinícola 25 (2) 53-61
    VOUILLAMOZ, J. F.; ARNOLD, C.Microsatellite pedigree reconstruction provides evidence that Müller-Thurgau is a grandson of Pinot and Schiava GrossaVitis 49 (2) 63-65
    WALKER, A.Nematode resistant grapevine rootstock plant 9365-85United States Plant Patent 21,358
    WANG WEN-TSAIA new name and a new species of Vitis L. (Vitaceae) from ChinaGuangxi Zhiwu / Guihaia 30 (3) 287-289
    YAMADA, M.; SATO, A.; YAMANE, H.; HIRAKAWA, N.; IWANAMI, H.; YOSHINAGA, K.; MITANI, N.; SHIRAISHI, M.; OZAWA, T.; YOSHIOKA, M.; NAKAJIMA, I.; SATO, O.; MASE,N.; NAKANO,M.; NAKAUNE, R.New grape cultivar 'Oriental Star'Bulletin of the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science (11) 25-40
    ZAMANIDI, P.K.; TROSHIN, L.P.; MALTABAR, L.M.; NOSULTCHAK, V.A.; EREMIN, V.G."Professor Elena Zakharova" - the new Greek-Ruddian high Quility black Berry wine VarietyWissenschaftliche Zeitschrift KubGAU 58 (04) 1-16
    ZECCA, G.; DE MATTIA, F.; LOVICU, G.; LABRA, M.; SALA, F.; GRASSI, F.Wild grapevine: silvestris, hybrids or cultivars that escaped from vineyards? Molecular evidence in SardiniaPlant Biology 12 (3) 558-562
    ZINELABIDINE, L.H.; HADDIOUI, A.; BRAVO, G.; ARROYO-GARCIA, R.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J.M.Genetic origins of cultivated and wild grapevines from MoroccoAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (1) 83-90