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    ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 52 (2) 33-59
    ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 52 (3) 60-82
    ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 52 (7) 125-144
    ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 52 (8) 145-159
    ANONYMOUSCépages oubliés des Pyrénées. Petit catalogue de cépages.Interreg-Projekt VALOVITIS
    ANONYMOUSITUM Sociedad murciana de Investigación y Tecnología de Uva de Mesawww.itumgrapes.com
    ANONYMOUSSauvitageStaatliche Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Wein- und Obstbau Weinsberg
    AUGUSTO, D.; OLIVEIRA, A.A.; FALCO, V.; CASTRO, I.Uncovering Northeast Portugal grapevine's varietal legacyVitis 58 (Special Issue) 89-93
    BECKER, ANeue Rebsorte "Sauvignac"Die Winzer-Zeitschrift (1) 27
    BÖHM, J.; PEIXE, A.; TAVARES, D.Defensor - Uma nova casta para o início de uma visão mais ecológica da vinha em PortugalVida Rural, Viticultura, julho/agosto
    CAIN, D.Grapevine named 'IFG Thirty'United States PP 30,424 P2, Apr. 23
    CAIN, D.Grapevine named 'IFG Twenty-eight'United States PP 30,089 P2, Jan. 15
    CAIN, D.Grapevine plant 'IFG Thirty-four'US PP 30,325 P2, Apr. 2, 2019
    CAIN, D.Grapevine plant named 'IFG Thirty-seven'United States Plant Patent 30,663 P2, Jul. 9, 2019
    CAIN, D.Grapevine plant named 'IFG Thirty-six'US PP 30,705 P2, Jul. 16, 2019
    CAIN, D.Grapevine plant named 'IFG Thirty-two'United States Plant Patent 31,147 P3, Dec. 2019
    CAPUTO, A.R.; ALBA, V.; BERGAMINI, C.; GASPARRO, M.; MASI, G.; TARRICONE, L.; CRUPI, P.; ROCCOTELLI, S.; PEPE, R.; DEL LUNGO, E. S.New autochthonous vines of Campania under evaluation for inclusion in productive sectorBIO Web of Conferences 15, 01022
    CLARK, M.D.Development of Cold Climate Grapes in the Upper Midwestern U.S.: The Pioneer Work of Elmer SwensonPlant Breeding Reviews Vol. 4, Chapt. 2
    CRESPAN, M.Parentage of Albaranzeuli BiancoPersonal communication
    DE MICHELE, R.; LA BELLA, F.; GRISTINA, A.S.; FONTANA, I.; PACIFICO, D.; GARFI, G.; MOTISI, A.; CRUCITTI, D.; ABBATE, L.; CARIMI, F.Phylogenetic Relationship Among Wild and Cultivated Grapevine in Sicily: A Hotspot in the Middle of the Mediterranean BasinFrontiers in Plant Science (10) 1506
    EBADI, A.; GHADERI, N.; VAFAEE, Y.Genetic diversity of Iranian and some European grapes as revealed by nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite and SNP molecular markersThe Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 94 (5) 599-610
    FARCI M., FRAU A., LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P.Apesorgia nera, Corniola nera, Culupuntu, Gioiabella, Malaga sarda, Monica, Niedda Carta, Nigheddu Polchinu, Olopo, Retagliadu, Selezione VedeleItalian Vitis Database
    FARCI M., LOVICU G., FRAU A., RIGOLDI M.P.Grillu, Moscato nero della MarmillaItalian Vitis Database
    FARCI M., LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P., FRAU A.Arvesiniadu, Bogni, Caricagiola, Globo di pescaItalian Vitis Database
    FARCI M., RIGOLDI M.P., LOVICU G.,FRAU A.Izu, MoscatelloItalian Vitis Database
    FARCI, M., RIGOLDI, M.P., FRAU, A., LOVICU, G.Malvasia nera di Sardegna, Moscato di Modolo, Tittiacca rosaItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU A., FARCI M., LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P.Annamaria, LugnanaItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU A., LOVICU G., FARCI M., RIGOLDI M.P.Moscatellone SardegnaItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU A., LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M.Argu Mannu, Codronisca, Cuccuau, Doronadu, Gregu nieddu, Nuragus arrubiu, Rosa di Mara, Sinnidanu, VermentinoItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU A., LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M.Bianca Rosa, Giro di Bosa, RosonaduItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU A., RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M., LOVICU G.Albaranzeuli variegatoItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU A., RIGOLDI M.P., LOVICU G., FARCI M.Carignano, Girò biancoItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU, A., LOVICU, G., RIGOLDI, M.P., FARCI, M.Bianca di SerdianaItalian Vitis Database
    FRAU, A., LOVICU, G., RIGOLDI, M.P., FARCI, M.Bovale sardo, Nieddera, TittiaccaItalian Vitis Database
    FU PEINING; TIAN QUANYOU; LAI GONGTI; LI RONGFANG; SONG SHIREN; LU JIANGCgr1, a ripe rot resistance QTL in Vitis amurensis 'Shuang Hong' grapevineHorticulture Research 6 (Art. 67) 9 pp.
    GUIMIER, S.; DELMOTTE, F.; MICLOT, A. S.; FABRE, F.; MAZET, I.; COUTURE, C.; SCHNEIDER, C.; DELIERE, L.OSCAR, a national observatory to support the durable deployment of disease-resistant grapevine cultivarsActa Horticulturae (1248) 21-33
    GUO DALONG; ZHAO HUILI; ZHANG GUOHAI; YU YIHETransmission of early ripening trait related loci in grapevines from backbone cultivar Pearl of Csaba to its descendantsScientia Horticulturae 244 151-156
    HAO YAN; YANG RUI; WANG YU'AN; ZHANG KUN; LI HONGXUA new seedless grape cultivar 'Zifeng'Journal of Fruit Science 36 (4) 533-536
    HUR, Y. Y.; KIM, M. S.; JEONG, S. C.Toward identification of haplotypes that control seedlessness of grape by genome resequencingActa Horticulturae (1248) 171-178
    ILNITSKAYA, E.; GUGUCHKINA, T.; TALASH, A.Identification of downy mildew resistance genes Rpv10 and Rpv3 by DNA-marker analysis in a Russian grapevine germplasm collectionActa Horticulturae (1248) 129-134
    ILNITSKAYA, E.; GUGUCHKINA, T.; TALASH, A.New cold-tolerant grapevine cultivars for red winesActa Horticulturae (1248) 95-99
    JIMÉNEZ, C.; PEIRÓ, R.; YUSTE, A.; GARCÍA, J.; MARTÍNEZ-GIL, F.; GISBERT, C.Looking for old grapevine varietiesVitis 58 (2) 59-60
    KARATAS, H.SSR analysis of some synonyms and homonyms of grape cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) growing in southeastern TurkeyApplied Ecology and Environmental Research 17 (4) 9785-9793
    KARATAS, H.; KARAAGAC, E.; KARATAS, D.; AGAOGLU, S.Genetic characterization of grapevine germplasm (Vitis vinifera L.) by SSR (simple sequence repeats) in Sanliurfa Province, Southeast TurkeyFresenius Environmental Bulletin 28 (5) 3835-3842
    KARATAS, H.; KARAAGAC, E.; KARATAS, D.; AGAOGLU, S.Molecular analysis of grapevine germplasm by SSR (simple sequence repeats) in Diyarbakir province, TurkeyApplied Ecology and Environmental Research 17 (2) 3927-3939
    LEAO, P. C. S.; DE LIRA, M. M. C.; DE MORAES, D. S.; DA SILVA, E. R.Rootstocks for table grape 'BRS Maria Bonita' in the São Francisco Valley, northeast BrazilActa Horticulturae (1248) 375-379
    LI BEIBEI; ZHANG YING; FAN XIUCAI; LI MIN; LIU CHONGHUAI; JIANG JIANFUAnalysis of suspected synonyms of 'Baco Noir' and 'Niagara' by SSR markers and morphologyJournal of Fruit Science 36 (4) 393-400
    LI CAN; ZHOU ZIFA; ZHAO JINGZHU; ZHAO XIAODONG; WEI JINGBO; LI WUA new seedless table grape cultivar 'Zhufeng'Journal of Fruit Science 36 (6) 819-821
    LIN HONG; LENG HUAN; GUO YINSHAN; KONDO, S.; ZHAO YUHUI; SHI GUANGLI; GUO XIUWUQTLs and candidate genes for downy mildew resistance conferred by interspecific grape (V. vinifera L. x V. amurensis Rupr.) crossingScientia Horticulturae 244 200-207
    LORENZIS, G. DE; MERCATI, F.; BERGAMINI, C.; CARDONE, M. F.; LUPINI, A.; MAUCERI, A.; CAPUTO, A. R.; ABBATE, L.; BARBAGALLO, M. G.; ANTONACCI, D.; SUNSERI, F.; BRANCADORO, L.SNP genotyping elucidates the genetic diversity of Magna Graecia grapevine germplasm and its historical origin and disseminationBMC Plant Biology 19:7
    LOVICU G., FARCI M., FRAU A., RIGOLDI M.P.CannonauItalian Vitis Database
    LOVICU G., FARCI M., RIGOLDI M.P., FRAU A.Nieddu mannuItalian Vitis Database
    LOVICU G., FRAU A., RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M.GiroItalian Vitis Database
    LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M., FRAU A.Albaranzeuli bianco, Alicante di Sardegna, Axina furistera, Bianca addosa, Bianca remungia, Caddiu, Granatza, Licronaxu, Malvasia di Sardegna, Mara bianca, Nera glabra di Modolo, Procu nieddu, Saluda e passa, Sant'Anna, Semidano, Ua rosaItalian Vitis Database
    LOVICU G., RIGOLDI M.P., FRAU A., FARCI M.Pascale di NurriItalian Vitis Database
    LOVICU G.; FRAU A.; FARCI M.; RIGOLDI M.P.CagnulariItalian Vitis Database
    LOVICU, G., RIGOLDI, M.P., FARCI, M., FRAU, A.Corniola bianca, Semidano, Ua rosaItalian Vitis Database
    MA HAIFENG; ZHAO NA; ZHANG LIHENG; YU RUIJUN; WANG BOBreeding report of a new grape cultivar 'Ruifeng'Journal of Fruit Science 36 (5) 671-673
    MANDIC, A.; ZULJ MIHALJEVIC, M.; LEKO, M.; PRIMORAC, J.; BELJO, J.Synonyms and homonyms in Herzegovinian and Dalmatian grapevine cultivarsActa Horticulturae (1248) 15-20
    MARAS, V.Ampelographic and Genetic Characterization of Montenegrin Grapevine VarietiesIntechOpen
    MARGARYAN, K.Armenian Vitis DatabaseInstitute of Molecular Biology NAS RA and Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, Yerevan
    MARSAL, G.; MÉNDEZ, J. J.; MATEO, J. M.; FERRER, S.; CANALS, J. M.; ZAMORA, F.; FORT, F.Molecular characterization of Vitis vinifera L. local cultivars from volcanic areas (Canary Islands and Madeira) using SSR markersOENO one 53 (4) 667- 680
    MELYAN, G.; SAFARYAN, D.; NERSISYAN, A.AmpelographyFood and Agriculture Organization of the UN in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia
    MIGLIARO, D.; DE LORENZIS, G.; DI LORENZO, G. S.; DE NARDI, B.; GARDIMAN, M.; FAILLA, O.; BRANCADORO, L.; CRESPAN, M.Grapevine Non-vinifera Genetic Diversity Assessed by Simple Sequence Repeat Markers as a Starting Point for New Rootstock Breeding ProgramsAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 70 (4) 390-397
    MORGANTE, M.Personal communicationCOST Action CA 17111 INTEGRAPE, MAICh Centre, Chania, Greece, March 25-28, 2019
    PETCOV, D. Z.; STANUS, M.; DOBREI, A.; DOBREI, A.Identification of some local grapevine varieties from Banat areaJournal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology 23 (4) 41-45
    PLOCHER, T. A.Grape Plant Named 'Crimson Pearl'United States Plant Patent US PP30,263 P3
    QUINTON, A.UC Davis releases 5 grape varieties resistant to Pierce’s diseaseFood Blog
    RAHALI, M.; MIGLIARO, D.; LAIAD, Z.; BERTAZZON, N.; ANGELINI, E.; CRESPAN, M.Genetic identification, origin and sanitary status of grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) grown in Babar, AlgeriaVitis 58, 153-158
    RIAZ, S.; PAP, D.; URETSKY, J.; LAUCOU, V.; BOURSIQUOT, J. M.; KOCSIS, L.; WALKER, M. A.Genetic diversity and parentage analysis of grape rootstocksTheoretical and Applied Genetics 132 (6) 1847-1860
    RIEGER, T.New PD-Resistant Wine Grape Varieties Named and ReleasedWINE BUSINESS.COM
    RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M., FRAU A., LOVICU G.Licronaxu rosa, Nasco, Nuragus, Torbato, Uva Bianca di Serdiana 2, Uva nera di MandasItalian Vitis Database
    RIGOLDI M.P., FARCI M., FRAU A., LOVICU G.Moscatello nero di SeuloItalian Vitis Database
    RIGOLDI M.P., LOVICU G., FRAU A., FARCI M.Fiudedda, GaloppuItalian Vitis Database
    ROCHA GRAÇA, A.; RÖCKEL, F.; MAUL, E.Sercealinho - Parentage analysisJKI - Institut für Rebenzüchtung Geilweilerhof
    SAPKOTA, S.; CHEN LILING; YANG SHANSHAN; HYMA, K. E.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.; HWANG CHINFENGConstruction of a high-density linkage map and QTL detection of downy mildew resistance in Vitis aestivalis-derived 'Norton'Theoretical and Applied Genetics 132 (1) 137-147
    SAVIN, G.; CORNEA, V.; BACA, I.The results of grapevine breeding in the Republic of Moldova in context of climatic and socio-economic challengesBioWeb Conf. 15, 01033
    SCHMID, J.; MANTY, F.; LINDNER, B.Geisenheimer Rebsorten und KloneForschungsanstalt Geisenheim, Fachgebiet Rebenzüchtung und Rebenveredlung
    SCHNEIDER, C.; ONIMUS, C.; PRADO, E.; DUMAS, V.; WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; DORNE, M. A.; LACOMBE, M. C.; PIRON, M. C.; UMAR-FARUK, A.; DUCHENE, E.; MESTRE, P.; MERDINOGLU, D.INRA-ResDur: the French grapevine breeding programme for durable resistance to downy and powdery mildewActa Horticulturae (1248) 207-213
    SCHNEIDER, C.; SPRING, J. L.; ONIMUS, C.; PRADO, E.; VERDENAL, T.; LEMARQUIS, G.; LORENZINI, F.; LEY, L.; DURUZ, P.; GINDRO, K.; MERDINOGLU, D.Programme de collaboration franco-suisse pour la création de nouvelles variétés de vigne durablement résistantes au mildiou et à l'oïdiumBIO Web of Conferences 15 (Art. 01018) 7 pp.
    SKELTON, S.; RÖCKEL, F.; MAUL, E.Alzey 7672 - AbstammungJKI - Institut für Rebenzüchtung Geilweilerhof
    STANUS, M.; PETCOV, D. Z.; DOBREI, A.; DOBROMIR, D.; DOBREI, A.Research concerning the identification, ampelographic description and quality properties of some local grapevine varieties from Alba CountyJournal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology 23 (3) 63-67
    TAFFAREL, J. C.; RITSCHEL, P. S.; MONTEIRO, R.BRS Bibiana: uva para elaboração de vinho brancoEmbrapa Uva e Vinho
    VALDES, M. E.; GAMERO, E.; RIVERO, J.; CUMPLIDO, G.; CABELLO, F.; DE ANDRES, M. T.; MUNOZ, G.; MORENO, D.Variedades blancas minoritarias en Extremadura: Bastardo Blanco, Folgaçao, Hebén, Verdejo Serrano y Zurieles. Estudio ampelográfico. Caracterización físico-química del ciclo de maduración y de los vinos de la cosecha 2018ATEVA, Evora; Portugal
    VEZZULLI, S.; MALACARNE, G.; MASUERO, D.; VECCHIONE, A.; DOLZANI, C.; GOREMYKIN, V.; MEHARI, Z. H.; BANCHI, E.; VELASCO, R.; STEFANINI, M.; VRHOVSEK, U.; ZULINI, L.; FRANCESCHI, P.; MOSER, C.The Rpv3-3 haplotype and stilbenoid induction mediate downy mildew resistance in a grapevine interspecific populationFrontiers in Plant Science 10 (Art. 234) 23 pp.
    WEI ZHIFENG; GAO DENGTAO; LIU LI; GUO JINGNAN; FAN XIUCAI; SUN HAISHENG; JIANG JIANFU; LI QIULI; AI JIANDONG; FANG RONGNIAN; LIU YUXIA; WANG JIMEIBreeding of a new grape rootstock cultivar 'Zhenghan No. 1'Journal of Fruit Science 36 (9) 1248-1251
    ZINI, E.; DOLZANI, C.; STEFANINI, M.; GRATL, V.; BETTINELLI, P.; NICOLINI, D.; BETTA, G.; DORIGATTI, C.; VELASCO, R.; LETSCHKA, T.; VEZZULLI, S.R-Loci Arrangement Versus Downy and Powdery Mildew Resistance Level: A Vitis Hybrid SurveyInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (3526)