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History of prime name changes

Prime name: LIATIKO
Variety number VIVC: 6829
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    DIMINITIS is an accession in the Vassal grapevine collection (FRA139) and proved to be matching LIATIKO in the same collection. Source: Réseau Français des Conservatoires de Vigne. Bunch morphology is corresponding (Kotinis, C. (1984)), pages 330 and 408 for DIMINITIS and LIATIKO respectively. Leaf morphology of healthy leaves of LIATIKO (Kotinis, C. (1984)) is similar to LIATIKO given by Del Zan et al. (2004) (tooth in the upper leaf sinus) and the latter is corresponding to DIMINITIS leaves (Kotinis, C. (1984)), displaying symptoms of virus infection.
    assignment to a different prime name2018-03-20