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Loci for Traits in Grapevine Relevant for Breeding and Genetics

Associated markers, their chromosomal localisation, and the donor genotype/species are given. Chromosomal position of a trait/allele is given in megabases according to the 12 x genome sequence of PN40024 (Grape Genome Browser (12X) ).
The symbols were discussed and assigned at the International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics at Geneva, August 1 - 5, 2010. Follow up information on naming of loci will be provided on VIVC to avoid homonyms.
For updating information please contact: Reinhard Töpfer or Ludger Hausmann

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  1. Variety number VIVC: 4572
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TraitSymbolChr.Position [Mb]Associated markerParent 1 Parent 2Genotype of originOriginal species of traitReferenceComment
Anthocyanin 3,5-diglucosides5-GT96.5REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTHAUSMANN et al. (2009)
Anthocyanin 3,5-diglucosides5-GT96.5REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTJANVARY et al. (2009)
Erysiphe necatorRen9151.4CenGen6REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTZENDLER et al. (2017)
Erysiphe necatorRen3159.3GF15-42REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTZENDLER et al. (2017)
Erysiphe necatorRen315ScORA7-760REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTAKKURT et al. (2007)
Erysiphe necatorRen3157.1UDV015bREGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv318UDV112REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)Regent and Bianca descend from Seibel 4614 (=Rpv3299-279 = Rpv3-1)
Erysiphe necatorRen3154.9VChr15CenGen02REGENTxRED GLOBEREGENTVAN HEERDEN et al. (2014)
VeraisonVer1613.7VMC1E11REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTFISCHER et al. (2004)For véraison (begin of ripening) several QTLs are published. This list here is still incomplete.
Plasmopara viticolaRpv31826.9VMC7f2REGENTxRED GLOBEREGENTVAN HEERDEN et al. (2014)Regent and Bianca descend from Seibel 4614 (=Rpv3299-279 = Rpv3-1)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv444.7VMC7h3REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv445.2VMCNg2e1REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Erysiphe necatorRen31510.9VViv67REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTWELTER et al. (2007)
Plasmopara viticolaRpv1154.5VVMD27REGENTxLEMBERGERREGENTFISCHER et al. (2004)