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40281RIAHI, LEILA; ZOGHLAMI, NEJIA; LAUCOU, VALÉRIE; MLIKI, AHMED; THIS, PATRICEUse of chloroplast microsatellite markers as a tool to elucidate polymorphism, classification and origin of Tunisian grapevinesScientia Gorticulturae 130 (4) 781-7862011
40314RIAZ, S.; BOURSIQUOT, J. M.; DANGL, G. S.; LACOMBE, T.; LAUCOU; V.; TENSCHER, A. C.; WALKER, M. A.Identification of mildew resistance in wild and cultivated Central Asian grape germplasmBMC Plant Biology 13 (149) 212013
40239RIAZ, S.; TENSCHER, A. C.; RAMMING, D. W.; WALKER, M. A.Using a limited mapping strategy to identify major QTLs for resistance to grapevine powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) and their use in marker-assisted breedingTheoretical and Applied Genetics 122 (6) 1059-10732011
40835ROCHA GRAÇA, A.; RÖCKEL, F.; MAUL, E.Sercealinho - Parentage analysisJKI - Institut für Rebenzüchtung Geilweilerhof2019
40199RODRIGUEZ TORRES, I.; IBANEZ, J.; DE ANDRES, M. T.; RUBIO, C.; BORREGO, J.; CABELLO, F.; ZEROLO, J.; MUNOZ-OREGANO, G.Synonyms and homonyms of Malvasia cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) existing in SpainSpanish Journal of Agricultural Research 7 (3) 563-5712009
40305RODRIGUEZ-TORRES, I.; GONZALEZ-GUILLEN, C.; CABELLO, F.; BORREGO, J.; MUNOZ, G.; ANDRES, M. T. DE; ZEROLO, J.; IBANEZ, J.Comparison among different Malvasia varieties from Madeira and SpainRivista di Viticoltura e di Enologia, Conegliano 59 (2-3) 57-622006
40060ROSSONI, M.; FASOLI, V.; LABRA, M.; SPINAR DI, A.; FAILLA, O.; SCIENZA, A.; SALA, F.Exploration of elite grapevine germplasm of Oltrepò pavese (northern Italy) using genetic, chemotaxonomic and morphological markersAdvances in Horticultural Science 15 (1-4) 72-782001
40653RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.; BOCCACCI, P.; ABBA, S.; SCHNEIDER, A.The key role of "Moscato bianco" and "Malvasia aromatica di Parma" in the parentage of traditional aromatic grape varietiesTree Genetics and Genomes, 12 (3)2016
40203RUSJAN, D.; JUG, T.; STAJNER, N.Evaluation of genetic diversity: Which of the varieties can be named Rebula (Vitis vinifera L.)?Vitis 49 (4) 189-1922010
40491RUSJAN, D.; PELENGIC, R.; PIPAN, B.; OR, E.; JAVORNIK, B.; STAJNER, N.Israeli germplasm: phenotyping and genotyping of native grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.)Vitis 54 (Special Issue) 87-892015
40258RUSJAN, D.; PIPAN, B.; PELENGIC, R.; MEGLIC, V.Genotypic and phenotypic discrimination of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) varieties of the 'Vitovska' and 'Garganja' denominationsEuropean Journal of Horticultural Science 77 (2) 84-942012
40828RÖCKEL ET AL.Regent-Komplexin preparation
40827RÖCKEL, F. ET AL.Triomphe d'Alsace complexin preparation2020
40482RÖCKEL, F.; MAUL, E.; TÖPFER, R.BÖLN-Projekt: Weiterentwicklung von Wissenstransfer- und Informationssystemen zur nachhaltigen Nutzung rebengenetischer Ressourcenin preparation2014-2016
40204SALMASO, M.; VALLE, R.D.; LUCCHIN, M.Gene pool variation and phylogenetic relationships of an indigenous northeast Italian grapevine collection revealed by nuclear and chloroplast SSRsGenome 51 (10) 838-8552008
40282SALMASO, M.; VANNOZZI, A.; LUCCHINI, M.Chloroplast microsatellite markers to assess genetic diversity and origin of an endangered Italian grapevine collectionAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (4) 551-5562010
40031SANCHEZ-ESCRIBANO, E.M.; MARIN, J.P.; CARRENO, J.; CENIS, J.L.Use of sequence-tagged microsatellite site markers for characterizing table grape cultivarsGenome 42 (1) 87-931999
40260SANT'ANA, G.C.; FERREIRA, J.L.; ROCHA, H.S.; BOREM, A.; PASQUAL M.; CANCADO, G.M.A.Comparison of a retrotransposon-based marker with microsatellite markers for discriminating accessions of Vitis viniferaGenetics an Molecular Research 11 (2) 1507-15252012
40176SANTANA, C.J.; HEUERTZ, M.; ARRANZ, C.; RUBIO, J.A.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J.M.; HIDALGO, E.Genetic structure, origins, and relationships of grapevine cultivars from the Castilian Plateau of SpainAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (2) 214-2242010
40206SANTANA, J.C.; HIDALGO, E.; LUCAS DE, A.I. RECIO, P.; ORTIZ, J.M.; MARTIN, J.P.; YUSTE, J.; ARRANZ, C.; RUBIO, J.A.Identification and relationships of accessions grown in the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Germplasm Bank of Castilla y Leon (Spain) and the varieties authorized in the VQPRD areas of the region by SSR-marker analysisGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 55 (4) 573-5832008
40854SANTIAGO, J. L.; BOSO, S.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Molecular and ampelographic characterisation of Vitis vinifera L. Albarino, Savagnin Blanc and Caino Blanco shows that they are different cultivarsSpanish Journal of Agricultural Research 5 (3) 333-3402007
40698SANTIAGO, J. L.; BOSO, S.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Somatic mutations in Vitis vinifera L. cultivars growing in northwestern SpainActa Horticulturae (1188) 337-3422017
40302SANTIAGO, J. L.; GONZALEZ, I.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; BOSO, S.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Identification of and relationships among a number of teinturier grapevines that expanded across Europe in the early 20th centuryAustralian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 14 (3) 223-2292008
40129SANTIAGO, J.-L.; BOSO, S.; VILANOVA, M.; MARTINEZ, M.-C.Characterisation of cv. Albarín Blanco (Vitis vinifera L.). Synonyms, homonyms and errors of identification associated with this cultivarJournal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 39 (2) 57-652005
40117SANTIAGO, J.L.; BOSO, S.; MARTIN, J.P.; ORTIZ, J.M.; MARTINEZ, M.C.Characterisation and identification of grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) from northwestern Spain using microsatellite markers and ampelometric methodsVitis 44 (2) 67-722005
40415SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.AleaticoItalian Vitis Database2013
40417SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.BonamicoItalian Vitis Database2013
40419SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.CiliegioloItalian Vitis Database2013
40420SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.ColorinoItalian Vitis Database2013
40784SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.Moscato violettoItalian Vitis Database2015
40422SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.SangioveseItalian Vitis Database2013
40424SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.VermentinoItalian Vitis Database2013
40425SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.Vernaccia di S. GimignanoItalian Vitis Database2013
40416SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; BARBAGALLO, G.; FALCO, V.AnsonicaItalian Vitis Database2013
40779SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; DE PALMA, L. ET AL.MontepulcianoItalian Vitis Database2015
40418SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; MUGANU, M.Canaiolo neroItalian Vitis Database2013
40423SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; MUGANU, M.Trebbiano toscanoItalian Vitis Database2013
40123SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; BOTTA, R.Genetic Relationships among Grape cultivars from North-Western ItalyActa Horticulturae (603) 229-2332003
40785SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; RAIMONDI, S.NebbioloItalian Vitis Database2014
40427SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Neretto di BairoItalian Vitis Database2014
40428SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; RAIMONDI, S.PignolaItalian Vitis Database2014
40064SCHNEIDER, A.; CARRA, A.; AKKAK, A.; THIS, P.; LAUCOU, V.; BOTTA, R.Verifying synonymies between grape cultivars from France and Northwestern Italy using molecular markersVitis 40 (4) 197-2032001
40304SCHNEIDER, A.; CARRA, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; AKKAK, A.; BOTTA, R.Indagini ampelografiche e analisi con marcatori molecolari per la verifica di sinonimie tra vitigni minoriVignevini, Bologna 30 (1-2) 104-1112003
40139SCHNEIDER, A.; MARINONI, D. T.; CRESPAN, M.Genetics and ampelography trace the origin of Muscat fleur d'orangerAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 59 (2) 200-2042008
40426SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; BOCCACCI, P.Nebbiolo rosèItalian Vitis Database2014
40323SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; PIROLO, C.S.; MARINONI, D.T.; RUFFA, P.; VENERITO, P.; LA NOTTE, P.Genetic characterization of grape cultivars from Apulia (Southern Italy) and synonymies in other mediterranean regionsAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 65 (2) 244-2492014
40429SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.Gouais blancItalian Vitis Database2014
40432SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.S. Anna di Lipsia BItalian Vitis Database2014
40433SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.; FERRANDINO, A.Bragat rosaItalian Vitis Database2014
40435SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.; FERRANDINO, A.Teinturier ad acino rotondoItalian Vitis Database2014
40442SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.CascaroloItalian Vitis Database2014
40441SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.Prié blancItalian Vitis Database2013
40444SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; CARLOMAGNO, A.QuaglianoItalian Vitis Database2014
40445SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; FERRANDINO, A.MontaneraItalian Vitis Database2014
40447SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.ChatusItalian Vitis Database2014
40449SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.Grec rougeItalian Vitis Database2014
40451SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.PlassaItalian Vitis Database2014
40556SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.AvarengoItalian Vitis Database2013
40569SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.BaratuciàtItalian Vitis Database2013
40554SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Barbarossa PiemonteseItalian Vitis Database2014
40722SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.BrachettoItalian Vitis Database2013
40736SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.CornallinItalian Vitis Database2013
40591SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.FuminItalian Vitis Database2013
40434SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Malvasia di SchieranoItalian Vitis Database2014
40430SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Malvasia nera lungaItalian Vitis Database2014
40522SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.MayoletItalian Vitis Database2014
40781SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Moscato biancoItalian Vitis Database2013
40436SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Ner d'alaItalian Vitis Database2014
40438SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Neretto gentileItalian Vitis Database2014
40600SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.NeyretItalian Vitis Database2014
40439SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Pelaverga piccoloItalian Vitis Database2014
40793SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Petit rougeItalian Vitis Database2013
40546SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Petite ArvineItalian Vitis Database2014
40431SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Prié rougeItalian Vitis Database2014
40606SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Vien de NusItalian Vitis Database2014
40588SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.VuillerminItalian Vitis Database2014
40201SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; DE ANDRES, M.T.; RAIMONDI, S.; CABELLO, F.; RUFFA, P.; GARCIA-MUNOZ, S.; MUNOZ-ORGANERO, G.Prie blanc and Legiruela: a unique grape cultivar grown in distant European regionsJournal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 44 (1) 1-82010
40530SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.AlbarolaItalian Vitis Database2013
40717SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.ArneisItalian Vitis Database2013
40553SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.AvanaItalian Vitis Database2013
40515SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Barbarossa (di Finale)Italian Vitis Database2013
40521SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BarberaItalian Vitis Database2013
40567SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BecuétItalian Vitis Database2014
40539SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BonardaItalian Vitis Database2014
40541SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BoscoItalian Vitis Database2013
40448SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Doux d'HenryItalian Vitis Database2014
40529SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.FreisaItalian Vitis Database2013
40450SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Grisa neraItalian Vitis Database2014
40577SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.NascettaItalian Vitis Database2013
40788SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Neretta cuneeseItalian Vitis Database2014
40443SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Rossese biancoItalian Vitis Database2014
40446SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Uva raraItalian Vitis Database2013
40527SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.VerdesseItalian Vitis Database2014
40452SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.VespolinaItalian Vitis Database2013
40194SCHUCK, M.R.; MOREIRA, F.M.; GUERRA, M.P.; VOLTOLINI, J.A.; GRANDO, M.S.; DA SILVA, A.L.Molecular characterization of grapevine from Santa Catarina, Brazil, using microsatellite markersPesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira 44 (5) 487-4952009
40193SCHUCK, M.R.; MOREIRA, F.M.; VOLTOLINI, J.A.; GUERRA, M.P.; GRANDO, M.S.; DA SILVA, A.L.Identificacao molecular da uva "Goethe" de Urussanga-SC por Marcadores MicrossatelitesRevista Brasileira de Fruticultura 32 (3) 825-8312010
40098SEFC, K.; REGNER, F.; GLOSSI, J.; STEINKELLER, H.Genotyping of grapevine and rootstock cultivars using microsatellite markersVitis 37 (1) 15-201998
40099SEFC, K.M.; GUGGENBERGER, S.; LEXER, C.; REGNER, F.; GLÖSSL, J.; STEINKELLNER, H.Genetic analysis of grape berries and raisins using microsatellite markersVitis 37 (3) 123-1251999
40055SEFC, K.M.; LEFORT, F.; GRANDO, M.S.; SCOTT, K.D.; STEINKELLER, H.; THOMAS, M.R.Microsatellite markers for grapevine: A state of the artMolecular Biology & Biotechnology of the Grapevine, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 433-4622001
40000SEFC, K.M.; LOPES, M.S.; LEFORT, F.; BOTTA, R.; ROUBELAKIS-ANGELAKIS, K.A.; IBANEZ, J.; PEJIC, I.; WAGNER, H.W.; GLÖSSL, J.; STEINKELLNER, H.Microsatellite variability in grapevine cultivars from different European regions and evaluation of assignment testing to assess the geographic origin of cultivarsTheoretical and Applied Genetics 100 (3-4) 498-5052000