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40060ROSSONI, M.; FASOLI, V.; LABRA, M.; SPINAR DI, A.; FAILLA, O.; SCIENZA, A.; SALA, F.Exploration of elite grapevine germplasm of Oltrepò pavese (northern Italy) using genetic, chemotaxonomic and morphological markersAdvances in Horticultural Science 15 (1-4) 72-782001
40653RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.; BOCCACCI, P.; ABBA, S.; SCHNEIDER, A.The key role of "Moscato bianco" and "Malvasia aromatica di Parma" in the parentage of traditional aromatic grape varietiesTree Genetics and Genomes, 12 (3)2016
40203RUSJAN, D.; JUG, T.; STAJNER, N.Evaluation of genetic diversity: Which of the varieties can be named Rebula (Vitis vinifera L.)?Vitis 49 (4) 189-1922010
40491RUSJAN, D.; PELENGIC, R.; PIPAN, B.; OR, E.; JAVORNIK, B.; STAJNER, N.Israeli germplasm: phenotyping and genotyping of native grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.)Vitis 54 (Special Issue) 87-892015
40258RUSJAN, D.; PIPAN, B.; PELENGIC, R.; MEGLIC, V.Genotypic and phenotypic discrimination of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) varieties of the 'Vitovska' and 'Garganja' denominationsEuropean Journal of Horticultural Science 77 (2) 84-942012
40828RÖCKEL ET AL.Regent-Komplexin preparation
40827RÖCKEL, F. ET AL.Triomphe d'Alsace complexin preparation2020
40482RÖCKEL, F.; MAUL, E.; TÖPFER, R.BÖLN-Projekt: Weiterentwicklung von Wissenstransfer- und Informationssystemen zur nachhaltigen Nutzung rebengenetischer Ressourcenin preparation2014-2016
40204SALMASO, M.; VALLE, R.D.; LUCCHIN, M.Gene pool variation and phylogenetic relationships of an indigenous northeast Italian grapevine collection revealed by nuclear and chloroplast SSRsGenome 51 (10) 838-8552008
40282SALMASO, M.; VANNOZZI, A.; LUCCHINI, M.Chloroplast microsatellite markers to assess genetic diversity and origin of an endangered Italian grapevine collectionAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (4) 551-5562010
40031SANCHEZ-ESCRIBANO, E.M.; MARIN, J.P.; CARRENO, J.; CENIS, J.L.Use of sequence-tagged microsatellite site markers for characterizing table grape cultivarsGenome 42 (1) 87-931999
40260SANT'ANA, G.C.; FERREIRA, J.L.; ROCHA, H.S.; BOREM, A.; PASQUAL M.; CANCADO, G.M.A.Comparison of a retrotransposon-based marker with microsatellite markers for discriminating accessions of Vitis viniferaGenetics an Molecular Research 11 (2) 1507-15252012
40176SANTANA, C.J.; HEUERTZ, M.; ARRANZ, C.; RUBIO, J.A.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J.M.; HIDALGO, E.Genetic structure, origins, and relationships of grapevine cultivars from the Castilian Plateau of SpainAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 61 (2) 214-2242010
40206SANTANA, J.C.; HIDALGO, E.; LUCAS DE, A.I. RECIO, P.; ORTIZ, J.M.; MARTIN, J.P.; YUSTE, J.; ARRANZ, C.; RUBIO, J.A.Identification and relationships of accessions grown in the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Germplasm Bank of Castilla y Leon (Spain) and the varieties authorized in the VQPRD areas of the region by SSR-marker analysisGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 55 (4) 573-5832008
40698SANTIAGO, J. L.; BOSO, S.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Somatic mutations in Vitis vinifera L. cultivars growing in northwestern SpainActa Horticulturae (1188) 337-3422017
40302SANTIAGO, J. L.; GONZALEZ, I.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; BOSO, S.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Identification of and relationships among a number of teinturier grapevines that expanded across Europe in the early 20th centuryAustralian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 14 (3) 223-2292008
40129SANTIAGO, J.-L.; BOSO, S.; VILANOVA, M.; MARTINEZ, M.-C.Characterisation of cv. Albarín Blanco (Vitis vinifera L.). Synonyms, homonyms and errors of identification associated with this cultivarJournal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 39 (2) 57-652005
40117SANTIAGO, J.L.; BOSO, S.; MARTIN, J.P.; ORTIZ, J.M.; MARTINEZ, M.C.Characterisation and identification of grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.) from northwestern Spain using microsatellite markers and ampelometric methodsVitis 44 (2) 67-722005
40415SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.AleaticoItalian Vitis Database2013
40417SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.BonamicoItalian Vitis Database2013
40419SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.CiliegioloItalian Vitis Database2013
40420SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.ColorinoItalian Vitis Database2013
40784SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.Moscato violettoItalian Vitis Database2015
40422SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.SangioveseItalian Vitis Database2013
40424SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.VermentinoItalian Vitis Database2013
40425SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.Vernaccia di S. GimignanoItalian Vitis Database2013
40416SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; BARBAGALLO, G.; FALCO, V.AnsonicaItalian Vitis Database2013
40779SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; DE PALMA, L. ET AL.MontepulcianoItalian Vitis Database2015
40418SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; MUGANU, M.Canaiolo neroItalian Vitis Database2013
40423SCALABRELLI, G.; D'ONOFRIO, C.; MUGANU, M.Trebbiano toscanoItalian Vitis Database2013
40123SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; BOTTA, R.Genetic Relationships among Grape cultivars from North-Western ItalyActa Horticulturae (603) 229-2332003
40785SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; RAIMONDI, S.NebbioloItalian Vitis Database2014
40427SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Neretto di BairoItalian Vitis Database2014
40428SCHNEIDER, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; RAIMONDI, S.PignolaItalian Vitis Database2014
40064SCHNEIDER, A.; CARRA, A.; AKKAK, A.; THIS, P.; LAUCOU, V.; BOTTA, R.Verifying synonymies between grape cultivars from France and Northwestern Italy using molecular markersVitis 40 (4) 197-2032001
40304SCHNEIDER, A.; CARRA, A.; BOCCACCI, P.; AKKAK, A.; BOTTA, R.Indagini ampelografiche e analisi con marcatori molecolari per la verifica di sinonimie tra vitigni minoriVignevini, Bologna 30 (1-2) 104-1112003
40139SCHNEIDER, A.; MARINONI, D. T.; CRESPAN, M.Genetics and ampelography trace the origin of Muscat fleur d'orangerAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 59 (2) 200-2042008
40426SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; BOCCACCI, P.Nebbiolo rosèItalian Vitis Database2014
40323SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; PIROLO, C.S.; MARINONI, D.T.; RUFFA, P.; VENERITO, P.; LA NOTTE, P.Genetic characterization of grape cultivars from Apulia (Southern Italy) and synonymies in other mediterranean regionsAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 65 (2) 244-2492014
40429SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.Gouais blancItalian Vitis Database2014
40432SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.S. Anna di Lipsia BItalian Vitis Database2014
40433SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.; FERRANDINO, A.Bragat rosaItalian Vitis Database2014
40435SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; RUFFA, P.; FERRANDINO, A.Teinturier ad acino rotondoItalian Vitis Database2014
40442SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.CascaroloItalian Vitis Database2014
40441SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.Prié blancItalian Vitis Database2013
40444SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; CARLOMAGNO, A.QuaglianoItalian Vitis Database2014
40445SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; FERRANDINO, A.MontaneraItalian Vitis Database2014
40447SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.ChatusItalian Vitis Database2014
40449SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.Grec rougeItalian Vitis Database2014
40451SCHNEIDER, A.; RAIMONDI, S.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; ROLLE, L.PlassaItalian Vitis Database2014
40556SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.AvarengoItalian Vitis Database2013
40569SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.BaratuciàtItalian Vitis Database2013
40554SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Barbarossa PiemonteseItalian Vitis Database2014
40722SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.BrachettoItalian Vitis Database2013
40736SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.CornallinItalian Vitis Database2013
40591SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.FuminItalian Vitis Database2013
40434SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Malvasia di SchieranoItalian Vitis Database2014
40430SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Malvasia nera lungaItalian Vitis Database2014
40522SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.MayoletItalian Vitis Database2014
40781SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Moscato biancoItalian Vitis Database2013
40436SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Ner d'alaItalian Vitis Database2014
40438SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Neretto gentileItalian Vitis Database2014
40600SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.NeyretItalian Vitis Database2014
40439SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Pelaverga piccoloItalian Vitis Database2014
40793SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Petit rougeItalian Vitis Database2013
40546SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Petite ArvineItalian Vitis Database2014
40431SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Prié rougeItalian Vitis Database2014
40606SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.Vien de NusItalian Vitis Database2014
40588SCHNEIDER, A.; RUFFA, P.; RAIMONDI, S.VuillerminItalian Vitis Database2014
40201SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; DE ANDRES, M.T.; RAIMONDI, S.; CABELLO, F.; RUFFA, P.; GARCIA-MUNOZ, S.; MUNOZ-ORGANERO, G.Prie blanc and Legiruela: a unique grape cultivar grown in distant European regionsJournal International des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin 44 (1) 1-82010
40530SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.AlbarolaItalian Vitis Database2013
40717SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.ArneisItalian Vitis Database2013
40553SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.AvanaItalian Vitis Database2013
40515SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Barbarossa (di Finale)Italian Vitis Database2013
40521SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BarberaItalian Vitis Database2013
40567SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BecuétItalian Vitis Database2014
40539SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BonardaItalian Vitis Database2014
40541SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.BoscoItalian Vitis Database2013
40448SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Doux d'HenryItalian Vitis Database2014
40529SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.FreisaItalian Vitis Database2013
40450SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Grisa neraItalian Vitis Database2014
40577SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.NascettaItalian Vitis Database2013
40788SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Neretta cuneeseItalian Vitis Database2014
40443SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Rossese biancoItalian Vitis Database2014
40446SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.Uva raraItalian Vitis Database2013
40527SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.VerdesseItalian Vitis Database2014
40452SCHNEIDER, A.; TORELLO MARINONI, D.; RAIMONDI, S.VespolinaItalian Vitis Database2013
40194SCHUCK, M.R.; MOREIRA, F.M.; GUERRA, M.P.; VOLTOLINI, J.A.; GRANDO, M.S.; DA SILVA, A.L.Molecular characterization of grapevine from Santa Catarina, Brazil, using microsatellite markersPesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira 44 (5) 487-4952009
40193SCHUCK, M.R.; MOREIRA, F.M.; VOLTOLINI, J.A.; GUERRA, M.P.; GRANDO, M.S.; DA SILVA, A.L.Identificacao molecular da uva "Goethe" de Urussanga-SC por Marcadores MicrossatelitesRevista Brasileira de Fruticultura 32 (3) 825-8312010
40098SEFC, K.; REGNER, F.; GLOSSI, J.; STEINKELLER, H.Genotyping of grapevine and rootstock cultivars using microsatellite markersVitis 37 (1) 15-201998
40099SEFC, K.M.; GUGGENBERGER, S.; LEXER, C.; REGNER, F.; GLÖSSL, J.; STEINKELLNER, H.Genetic analysis of grape berries and raisins using microsatellite markersVitis 37 (3) 123-1251999
40055SEFC, K.M.; LEFORT, F.; GRANDO, M.S.; SCOTT, K.D.; STEINKELLER, H.; THOMAS, M.R.Microsatellite markers for grapevine: A state of the artMolecular Biology & Biotechnology of the Grapevine, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 433-4622001
40000SEFC, K.M.; LOPES, M.S.; LEFORT, F.; BOTTA, R.; ROUBELAKIS-ANGELAKIS, K.A.; IBANEZ, J.; PEJIC, I.; WAGNER, H.W.; GLÖSSL, J.; STEINKELLNER, H.Microsatellite variability in grapevine cultivars from different European regions and evaluation of assignment testing to assess the geographic origin of cultivarsTheoretical and Applied Genetics 100 (3-4) 498-5052000
40012SEFC, K.M.; STEINKELLNER, H.; GLÖSSL, J.; KAMPFER, S.; REGNER, F.Reconstruction of a grapevine pedigree by microsatellite analysisTheoretical and Applied Genetics 97 (1-2) 227-2311998
40015SEFC, K.M.; STEINKELLNER, H.; WAGNER, H.W.; GLÖSSL, J.; REGNER, F.Application of microsatellite markers to parentage studies in grapevineVitis 36 (4) 179-1831997
40171SELLI, F.; BAKIR, M.; INAN, G.; AYGÜN, H.; BOZ, Y.; YASASIN, A.S.; ÖZER, C.; AKMAN, B.; SÖYLEMEZOGLU, G.; KAZAN, K.; ERGÜL, A.Simple sequence repeat-based assessment of genetic diversity in 'Dimrit' and 'Gemre' grapevine accessions from TurkeyVitis 46 (4) 182-1872007
40324SHINDE, M. P.; UPADHYAY, A.; AHER, L. B.; KARIBASAPPA, G. S.Molecular marker analysis to differentiate a clonal selection of centennial seedless grapevineAfrican Journal of Biotechnology 12 (14) 1594-15972013
40215SIRET, R.; BOURSIQUOT, J.M.; MERLE, M.H.; CABANIS, J.C.; THIS, P.Toward the authentication of varietal wines by the analysis of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) residual DNA in must and wine using microsatellite markersJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 48 (10) 5035-50402000
40082SIRET, R.; GIGAUD, O.; ROSEC, J.P.; THIS, P.Analysis of grape Vitis vinifera L. DNA in must mixtures and experimental mixed wines using microsatellite markersJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 50 (13) 3822-38272002
40453SIVILOTTI, P.; CARRARO, R.; STOCCO, M.; MIGLIARO, D.; CRESPAN, M.AghedeneItalian Vitis Database2015