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    50032MAHANIL, S.; RAMMING, D.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, M.; OWENS, C.; GARRIS, A.; MYLES, S.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.Development of marker sets useful in the early selection of Ren4 powdery mildew resistance and seedlessness for table and raisin grape breedingTheoretical and Applied Genetics 124 (1) 23-332012
    50033MARGUERIT, E.; BOURY, C.; MANICKI, A.; DONNART, M.; BUTTERLIN, G.; NEMORIN, A.; WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; MERDINOGLU, D.; OLLAT, N.; DECROOCQ, S.Genetic dissection of sex determinism, inflorescence morphology and downy mildew resistance in grapevineTheoretical and Applied Genetics, Germany 118 (7) 1261-12782009
    50034MOREIRA, F. M.; MADINI, A.; MARINO, R.; ZULINI, L.; STEFANINI, M.; VELASCO, R.; KOZMA, P.; GRANDO, M. S.Genetic linkage maps of two interspecific grape crosses (Vitis spp.) used to localize quantitative trait loci for downy mildew resistanceTree Genetics and Genomes 7 (1) 153-1672011
    50035OCHSSNER, I.; HAUSMANN, L.; TÖPFER, R.*Rpv14*, a new genetic source for *Plasmopara viticola* resistance conferred by *Vitis cinerea*Vitis 55 (2) 79-812016
    50036PAP, D.; RIAZ, S.; DRY, I. B.; JERMAKOW, A.; TENSCHER, A. C.; CANTU, D.; OLAH, R.; WALKER, M. A.Identification of two novel powdery mildew resistance loci, Ren6 and Ren7, from the wild Chinese grape species Vitis piasezkiiBMC Plant Biology 16 (Art. 170) 19 pp.2016
    50037SCHWANDER, F.; EIBACH, R.; FECHTER, I.; HAUSMANN, L.; ZYPRIAN, E.; TÖPFER, R.*Rpv10*: a new locus from the Asian *Vitis* gene pool for pyramiding downy mildew resistance loci in grapevineTheoretical and Applied Genetics 124 (1) 163-1762012
    50038TEH SOONLI; FRESNEDO-RAMIREZ, J.; CLARK, M. D.; GADOURY, D. M.; SUN QI; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.; LUBY, J. J.Genetic dissection of powdery mildew resistance in interspecific half-sib grapevine families using SNP-based mapsMolecular Breeding 37 (Art. 1) 16 pp.2017
    50039VENUTI, S.; COPETTI, D.; FORIA, S.; FALGINELLA, L.; HOFFMANN, S.; BELLIN, D.; CINDRIC, P.; KOZMA, P.; SCALABRIN, S.; MORGANTE, M.; TESTOLIN, R.; DI GASPERO, G.Historical introgression of the downy mildew resistance gene Rpv12 from the Asian species Vitis amurensis into grapevine varietiesPLoS one 8 (4, e61228) 7 pp.2013
    50040XU, K.; RIAZ, S.; RONCORONI, N. C.; JIN, Y.; HU, R.; ZHOU, R.; WALKER, M. A.Genetic and QTL analysis of resistance to Xiphinema index in a grapevine crossTheoretical and Applied Genetics 116 (2) 305-3112008
    50041ZENDLER, D.; SCHNEIDER, P.; TÖPFER, R.; ZYPRIAN, E.Fine mapping of Ren3 reveals two loci mediating hypersensitive response against Erysiphe necator in grapevineEuphytica 213 (3: Art. 68) 23 pp.2017
    50042ZYPRIAN, E.; OCHßNER, I.; SCHWANDER, F.; SIMON, S.; HAUSMANN, L.; BONOW-REX, M.; MORENO-SANZ, P.; GRANDO, M. S.; WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; MERDINOGLU, D.; EIBACH, R.; TÖPFER, R.Quantitative trait loci affecting pathogen resistance and ripening of grapevinesMolecular Genetics and Genomics 291 (4) 1573-15942016
    50043BOSS, P. K.; THOMAS, M. R.Association of dwarfism and floral induction with a grape 'green revolution' mutationNature 416 (6883) 847-8502002
    50044HAUSMANN, L.; NEUMANN, K.; EIBACH, R.; ZYPRIAN, E.; TÖPFER, R.Development of a molecular marker for an anthocyanin 5-O-glucosyltransferase homologous gene of Vitis ssp. correlated with anthocyanin 3,5-diglucoside formation in berry skinActa Horticulturae, Belgium (827) 457-4602009
    50045HAUSMANN, L.; EIBACH, R.; ZYPRIAN, E.; TÖPFER, R.Genetic analysis of phylloxera root resistance in cultivar 'Börner'Acta Horticulturae, Belgium (904) 47-522011
    50046DIVILOV, K.; BARBA, P.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.; REISCH, B. I.Single and multiple phenotype QTL analyses of downy mildew resistance in interspecific grapevinesTheoretical and Applied Genetics 131 (5) 1133-11432018
    50047DUNLEVY, J. D.; DENNIS, E. G.; SOOLE, K. L.; PERKINS, M. V.; DAVIES, C.; BOSS, P. K.A methyltransferase essential for the methoxypyrazine-derived flavour of wineThe Plant Journal 76 (4) 606-6172013
    50048MERDINOGLU, D.; WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; COSTE, P.; DUMAS, V.; HAETTY, S.; BUTTERLIN, G.; GREIF, C.Genetic analysis of downy mildew resistance derived from Muscadinia rotundifoliaActa Horticulturae (603/I) 451-4562003
    50049RIAZ, S.; TENSCHER, A.; DANGL, G. S.; WALKER, M. A.Additional sources of Ren1-like powdery mildew resistanceActa Horticulturae (1046) 35-402014
    50051BARBA, P.; LILLIS, J.; LUCE, R. S.; TRAVADON, R.; OSIER, M.; BAUMGARTNER, K.; WILCOX, W. F.; REISCH, B. I.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.Two dominant loci determine resistance to Phomopsis cane lesions in F1 families of hybrid grapevines.Theoretical and Applied Genetics 131 (5) 1173-11892018
    50053FEECHAN, A.; ANDERSON, C.; TORREGROSA, L.; JERMAKOW, A.; MESTRE, P.; WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; MERDINOGLU, D.; WALKER, A. R.; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.; REISCH, B.; AUBOURG, S.; BENTAHAR, N.; SHRESTHA, B.; BOUQUET, A.; ADAM-BLONDON, A. F.; THOMAS, M. R.; DRY, I. B.Genetic dissection of a TIR-NB-LRR locus from the wild North American grapevine species Muscadinia rotundifolia identifies paralogous genes conferring resistance to major fungal and oomycete pathogens in cultivated grapevineThe Plant Journal 76 (4) 661-6742013
    50054WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; PRADO, E.; COSTE, P.; DUMAS, V.; BUTTERLIN, G.; BOUQUET, A.; MERDINOGLU, D.Genetic analysis of resistance to downy mildew from Muscadinia rotundifoliaInternational Conference on Grape Genetics and Breeding (9th (2006) Udine, Italy) Poster 7.1812006
    50055FORIA, S.; MAGRIS, G.; COPETTI, D.; COLEMAN, C.; MORGANTE, M.; GASPERO, G. DIInDel markers for monitoring the introgression of downy mildew resistance from wild relatives into grape varietiesMolecular Breeding 38 (10, Art. 124) 12 pp.2018