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    Source codeAuthorTitle (access to prime names)Journal title / publisherYear
    11452CLARK, M.; HEMSTAD, P; LUBY, J.'Itasca' Grapevine, a New Cold-hardy Hybrid for White Wine ProductionHortScience 52 (4) 649-6512017
    10840SMILEY, L.'Kay Gray'Iowa State University, Horticulture2008
    10786SMILEY, L.'La Crescent'Iowa State University, Horticulture2008
    11368CONNER, P.J.'Lane': An early-season self-fertile black Muscadine grapeHortScience 48 (1) 128-1292013
    10784SMILEY, L.'Marquette'Iowa State University, Horticulture2008
    10910GOLDY, R.G.; NESBITT, W.B.'Nesbitt' Muscadine GrapeHortScience 20 (4) 7771985
    10718REISCH, B.I.; LUCE, R.S.; BORDELON, BRUCE, HENICK-KLING, T.'Noiret' GrapeNew York's Food and Life Sciences Bulletin, Geneva (160)2006
    1114CLARK, J. R.; MOORE, J. N.; MORRIS, J. R.; THRELFALL, R.'Opportunity' and 'Enchantment' wine grapes for the mid-South of the United StatesHortScience 53 (8) 1208-12112018
    10866XU, HAI-YING.; ZHANG, GUO-JUN; YAN, AI-LING; SUN, LEI'Ruiduwuheyi Seedless': A new late-maturing seedless table grapeVitis 50 (4) 183-1842011
    11093JIANG, AI-LI; XI, X.-J.; CHENG, J.-S.; TIAN, YI- H.'Shen Ai', a new early grape cultivarJournal of Fruit Science 31 (2) 335 - 3362014
    11404INTRIERI, C.; FILIPPETTI, I.; ALLEGRO, G.; VALENTINI, G.; PASTORE, C.'Star 50' and 'Star 74': new dwarfing grape rootstocksActa Horticulturae (1136) 23-262016
    10895TODOROV, I.'Syjana' Nouveau Cépage Tardif de Raisin de TableProgrès Agricole et Viticole 121 (19) 407-4082004
    10756SMILEY, L.'Traminette'Iowa State University, Horticulture2008
    926LEDBETTER, C. A.'Valley Pearl' table grapeHortScience 51 (6) 772-7742016
    10755SMILEY, L.'Van Buren'Iowa State University, Horticulture2008
    10894TODOROV, I.'Velika' Noveau Cépage de raisin de Table Obtenu par AutofécondationProgrès Agricole et Viticole 115 (19) 491-4221998
    11206TANG, X.-P.; CHEN, J.; MA, X.-H.; DONG, Z.-G.; ZHAO, Q.-F.; LI, X.-M.; TAN, W.; WANG, M.'Wanheibao': A new polyploid late-season table grape with muscat flavorVitis 54 (1) 47-482015
    11208FAN, X.-C.; LI, M.; ZHANG, Y.; JIANG, J.-F.; SUN, H.-S.; LIU, C.'Zhengmei': A new early-ripening table grapeVitis 54 (1) 49-502015
    50037SCHWANDER, F.; EIBACH, R.; FECHTER, I.; HAUSMANN, L.; ZYPRIAN, E.; TÖPFER, R.*Rpv10*: a new locus from the Asian *Vitis* gene pool for pyramiding downy mildew resistance loci in grapevineTheoretical and Applied Genetics 124 (1) 163-1762012
    50035OCHSSNER, I.; HAUSMANN, L.; TÖPFER, R.*Rpv14*, a new genetic source for *Plasmopara viticola* resistance conferred by *Vitis cinerea*Vitis 55 (2) 79-812016
    40690LABAGNARA, T.; BERGAMINI, C.; CAPUTO, A. R.; CIRIGLIANO, P*Vitis vinifera* L. germplasm diversity: a genetic and ampelometric study in ancient vineyards in the South of Basilicata region (Italy)Vitis 57 (1) 1-82018
    633VASEY, D.*Vitis Vinifera* x Amurensis HypridsMinnesota Grape Growers Association 1986 Annual Report1986
    11060OLMO, H.P.; KOYAMA, A.T.10- 23DUnited States Patent 4,7871981
    11476ANONYMOUS100 Jahre Müller-ThurgauGesellschaft zur Förderung der Forschung an der Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim - Sonderheft1982
    10555ARCHER, E.1103 PaulsenWynboer (615) 31-321983
    11118OLMO, H.P.12- 76- 71United States Plant Patent 15,0352004
    11172ARCHER, E.1616 Couderc und 5C TelekiWynboer Tegnies (17) 17-181986
    411EINSET, J.; KIMBALL, K.H.; ROBINSON, W.B.; BERTINO, J.J.1969 - 70; Vineyard and cellar notesN.Y. State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, Cornell University Special Report 41971
    11111OLMO, H.P.3- 14- 71United States Patent 8,2971993
    10550ARCHER, E.333 E.M. und 57 RichterWynboer Tegnies (12) 27-281985
    10554ARCHER, E.44-53 Malegue und Schabort IIWynboer Tegnies (16) 3-41986
    11110GARGIULO, A.A.552 GrapevineUnited States Patent 9,9161997
    10379CIRAMI, R.; WHITING, J.5C Teleki - new name for the rootstock SO4 (from California)The Australian Grapegrower & Winemaker (330) 151991
    10944SCHWAPPACH, E.80 Jahre - RieslanerVerband Ehemaliger Veitshöchheimer e.V. (92) 29-342002
    32CSEPREGI, P.; ZILAI, J.88 Szines Oldal a SzölöfajtákrólMezögazdásagi Kiadó, Budapest1980
    176ANONYMOUSA Catalog of New and Noteworthy FruitsNew York State Fruit Testing Cooperative Association, Geneva, New York1981
    953CONNER, P. J.A century of Muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.) breeding at the University of GeorgiaJournal of the American Pomological Society 64 (2) 78-822010
    10762SANTIAGO, J.L.; BOSO, S.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; MARTINEZ, M.C.A contribution to the maintenance of grapevine diversity: The rescue of Tinta Castanal (Vitis vinifera l.), a variety on the edge of extinctionScientia Horticulturae 116 199-2042008
    40345VIGNANI, R.; MASI, E.; SCALI, M.; MILANESI, C.; SCALABRELLI, G.; WANG, W.; SENSI, E.; PAOLUCCI, E.; PERCOCO, G.; CRESTI, M.A critical evaluation of SSRs analysis applied to Tuscan grape (Vitis vinifera L.) germplasmAdvances in Horticultural Science 22 (1) 33-372008
    38KROCHMAL, A.; NAWABI, A.A.A descriptive study of the grapes of AfghanistanVitis (2) 241-2561961
    40704LOPES, M. S.; MENDONÇA, D.; CÂMARA MACHADO, A.A domesticação das castas portuguesas e a origem do Verdelho e do Terrantêz do PicoBIOTECH, Universidade dos Açcores, Centro de Biotecnologia dos Açcores; Vitivinicultura Atlântica, Construir o Futuro, Pico, 10 de Junho de 20112011
    50029JANVARY, L.; HOFFMANN, T.; PFEIFFER, J.; HAUSMANN, L.; TÖPFER, R.; FISCHER, T. C.; SCHWAB, W.A double mutation in the anthocyanin 5-O-glucosyltransferase gene disrupts enzymatic activity in Vitis vinifera L.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, USA 57 (9) 3512-35182009
    50015ZHANG, JUN KE; HAUSMANN, L.; EIBACH, R.; WELTER, L. J.; TÖPFER, R.; ZYPRIAN, E. M.A framework map from grapevine V3125 (Vitis vinifera Schiava grossa x Riesling) x rootstock cultivar Börner (Vitis riparia x Vitis cinerea) to localize genetic determinants of phylloxera root resistanceTheoretical and Applied Genetics 119 (6) 1039-10512009
    50022DALBO, M. A.; YE, G. N.; WEEDEN, N. F.; STEINKELLNER, H.; SEFC, K. M.; REISCH, B. I.A gene controlling sex in grapevines placed on a molecular marker-based genetic mapGenome 43 (2) 333-3402000
    50002CABEZAS, J. A.; CERVERA, M. T.; RUIZ-GARCIA, L.; CARRENO, J.; MARTINEZ-ZAPATER, J. M.A genetic analysis of seed and berry weight in grapevineGenome 49 (12) 1572-15852006
    50007DUCHENE, E.; BUTTERLIN, G.; CLAUDEL, P.; DUMAS, V.; JAEGLI, N.; MERDINOGLU, D.A grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) deoxy-D-xylulose synthase gene colocates with a major quantitative trait loci for terpenol contentTheoretical and Applied Genetics, Germany 118 (3) 541-5522009
    10814FAN, P.-G.; LI, S.-C.; WANG, L.-J.; YANG, M.-R.; WU, B.-H.; LI, L.-S.; ZHONG, J.-Y.; ZHANG, Y.-Z.; WEN, L.-Z.; ZHANG, F.-Q.; LUO, F.-M.; DUAN, W.; LI, S.-H.A high resistance and quality wine grape cultivar 'Beihong'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 36 (7) 10852009
    737AMBERS, C.P.A historical hypothesis on the origin of the Norton grapeJournal of Wine Research 24 (2) 85-95
    10883PINNEY, T.A history of wine in America - from the beginnings to prohibition Volume IUniversity of California Press Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, 141-1492007
    10805XIANG, DIAN-FANG; LI, SHAO-XING; ZHANG, MENG-HONG; LIU, JUN; WANG, NA; WANG, XUE-DONG; LUO, SHU-XIANG; QI, HUI-XIA; GENG, XUE-GANGA late-ripening grape cultivar 'Jingtian 0608'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (8) 12422008
    10884WANG, N.; QIN, Z. Y.; LI, S. X.; LUO, S. X.; LIU, J.; XIANG, D. F.A late-ripening grape cultivar 'Jintian Feicui'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 39 (3) 593-5942012
    10809XIANG, D.-F.; LI, S.-X.; LIU, J.; WANG, X.-D.; ZHANG M.-H.; QI, H.-X.; WANG, N.; LUO, S.-X.; GENG, X.-G.A late-ripening seedless grape cultivar 'Jintian Huangjia Wuhe'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (9) 13982008
    10275FOERSTER, C.O. - J.R.A life time of breeding for seedless grapes that resulted in five varieties for TexasRio Grande Valley Hortic. Society, 1-31992
    50047DUNLEVY, J. D.; DENNIS, E. G.; SOOLE, K. L.; PERKINS, M. V.; DAVIES, C.; BOSS, P. K.A methyltransferase essential for the methoxypyrazine-derived flavour of wineThe Plant Journal 76 (4) 606-6172013
    1030KHALIL, S.; TELLO, J.; HAMED, F.; FORNECK, A.A multivariate approach for the ampelographic discrimination of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) cultivars: application to local Syrian genetic resourcesGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 64 (8) 1841-18512017
    10811XU, H.-Y.; ZHANG, G.-J.; YAN, A.-L.A new early maturing grape cultivar 'Ruidu Cuixia'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (11) 17092008
    10810XU, H.-Y.; ZHANG, G.-J.; YAN, A.-L.A new early muturity grape cultivar 'Ruidu Xiangyu'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 36 (6) 9292009
    10812FAN, P.-G.; YANG, M.-R.; WANG, L.-J.; LI, S.-C.; WU, B.-H.; LI L.-S.; LI, S.-H.A new early ripening grape cultivar 'Jingcui'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (10) 15522008
    11469ZHANG, GUOJUN; YAN, AILING; SUN, LEI; WANG, XIAYUE; WANG, HUILING; REN, JIANCHENG; XU, HAIYINGA new early ripening red table grape cultivar with muscat flavor 'Ruidu Hongyu'Journal of Fruit Science 33 (12) 1592-15952016
    11525WEI LINGZHU; CHENG JIANHUI; XIANG JIANG; WU JIANGA new early ripening seedless table grape cultivar 'Tiangong Moyu'Journal of Fruit Science 35 (7) 898-9002018
    11336DUMITRU, E.; ANTOCE, A. O.A New Early Ripening Table Grape Cultivar Obtained in Pietroasa Research Station: Vitis vinifera L. cv. MihaelaAgriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 10 215-2212016
    11430TANG XIAOPING; DONG ZHIGANG; LI XIAOMEI; TAN WEI; MA XIAOHE; ZHAO QIFENG; WANG MINA new early season tetraploid grape cultivar 'Meixiangbao'Journal of Fruit Science 34 (1) 115-1182017
    10832GUO, XIU-WU; GUO, YIN-SHAN; LI, YI-HUI; LI, CHENG-XIANG; GAO, XIU-YAN; ZHOU, XING-BEN; LI, KUN; SU, FU-ZHIA new early-maturing grape Cultivar 'Shennong Jinhuanghou'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 37 (10) 1699-17002010
    11209TANG, X.; CHEN, J., MA, X.; ZHAO, Q.; DONG, Z.; LI, X.A new early-ripening seedless grape Cultivar ‘Wuhe Cuibao’Acta Horticulturae Sinica 39 (11) 2307-23082012
    10833MA, XIAO-HE; TANG, XIAO-PING; CHEN, JUN; ZHAO, QI-FENG; DONG, ZHI-GANGA new excellent mid-maturing grape cultivar 'Qiuheibao'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 37 (11) 1875-18762010
    10808LI, E.-B.; CHEN; D.-Y.; WANG, S.-X.; LI, W.-Q.; NING, S.A new grape cultivar 'Bixian Wuhe'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (4) 6192008
    11491PARK YOUNGSIK; BANG SUNBAI; HEO JAEYUNA new grape cultivar 'Cheongsan' developed by a cross between genetic resources of Korean native Vitis amurensis RuprVitis 56 (4) 197-1982017
    10816XIANG, D.-F.; LI, S.-X.; ZHANG, M.-H.; LIU, J.; WANG, N.; WANG, X.-D.; LUO, S.-X.; QI, H.-X.; GENG, X.-G.A new grape cultivar 'Jintian Meigui'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (6) 9262008
    10807XIANG, D.-F.; LI, S.-X.; ZHANG, M.-H.; LIU, J.; WANG, N.; WANG, X.-D.; LUO, S.-X.; QI, H.-X.; GENG, X.-G.A new grape cultivar 'Jintianmi'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (7) 10862008
    10834GUO, XIU-WU; LI, CHENG-XIANG; GUO, YIN-SHAN; LI, YI-HUI; GAO, XIU-YAN; ZHOU, XING-BEN; LI, KUNA new grape cultivar 'Shennong Shuofeng' with big berry and disease resistanceActa Horticulturae Sinica 37 (11) 1873-18742010
    11318XU WEIDONG; LIU YUFENG; GENG HAO; HUANG XIAODE; ZHAO BOTAOA new grape cultivar 'Xiaolajiao'Journal of Fruit Science 32 (1) 163-1652015
    10879YUAN, YONG-QIANG; YUAN, BI-HENG; XU, ZHI-DA; DUAN, XING-MIN; DING, MING-QIAN; WANG, WEIA new grape cultivar 'Ziti 988'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 38 (9) 1817-18182011
    11308ZHANG YING; SHI XIAOFANG; LIN LING; CAO XIONGJUN; ZHOU YONGMEI; WEI RONGFUA new grape cultivar - 'Guipu sanhao'Journal of Fruit Science, 32 (6) 1286-12882015
    11193CHENG, J.-H.; WEI, L.-Z.; CHEN, Q.-Y.; SU, J.-C.; LI, B.; LI, L.; MEI, J.-X.; WU J.A new grape cultivar - YushouzhiJournal of Fruit Science 30 (4) 715-7172013
    11015WEI, L-Z.; CAI, X-F.; CHENG, J-H.; JIN, L-Y.; JIN, D-X.; LI, L.; MEI, J-X.; WU, J.A new grape cultivar - Yuxuan No. 1Journal of Fruit Science China 29 (4) 708-7092012
    10869FAN, XIU-CAI; SUN, HAI-SHENG; LI, MIN; ZHANG, YING; JIANG, JIAN-FU; LIU, CHONG-HUAIA new grape Rootstock Cultivar Kangzhen 3Acta Horticulturae Sinica 38 (6) 1207-12082011
    10835GUO, YIN-SHAN; LI, YI-HUI; GUO, XIU-WU; LI, CHENG-XIANG; GAO, XIU-YAN; LI, KUN; ZHOU, XING-BEN; SU, FU-ZHIA new high quality grape cultivar 'Shennong Xiangfeng' with disease resistanceActa Horticulturae Sinica 37 (12) 2031-20322010
    10815SONG, R.-G.; LU, W.-P.; SHEN; Y.-J.; JIN; R.-H.; LI; X.-H.; GUO, Z.-G.; LIU, J.-K.; LIN, X.-G.A new ice-red brewing grape cultivar 'Beibinghong'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 35 (7) 10852008
    11466LIU, SANJUN; ZHANG, PENG; SONG, YINHUA; HE, LIANGLIANGA new late-maturing grape cultivar 'Shuijinghong'Journal of Fruit Science 33 (10) 1328-13302016
    11573HE LIANGLIANG; LIU SANJUN; ZHANG PENGA new late-maturing table grape cultivar 'Shenzhou Red'XII International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics, July 15-20, 2018. Bordeaux, France. (Poster 187)2018
    1202WANG WEN-TSAIA new name and a new species of Vitis L. (Vitaceae) from ChinaGuangxi Zhiwu / Guihaia 30 (3) 287-2892010
    10587BAKONYI, L.A new qualified variety: "Nektar"Horticultural Science, Grape and Vine, 96-981995
    11317ZHANG GUOJUN; YAN AILING; SUN LEI; WANG HUILING; WANG XIAOYUE; REN JIANCHENG; XU HAIYINGA new red muscat flavor table grape cultivar 'Ruidu Hongmei'Journal of Fruit Science 32 (5) 991-9932015
    10868XU, HAI-YING; ZHANG, GUO-JUN; YAN, AI-LING; SUN, LEIA new seedless grape cultivar 'Ruidu Wuheyi'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 38 (3) 593-5942011
    11614HAO YAN; YANG RUI; WANG YU'AN; ZHANG KUN; LI HONGXUA new seedless grape cultivar 'Zifeng'Journal of Fruit Science 36 (4) 533-5362019
    11307JIANG AILI; XI XIAOJUN; TIAN YIHUA; ZHA QIANA new seedless grape cultivar - Hupei No. 3Journal of Fruit Science. 32 (6) 1291-12932015
    11129TANG, X.P.; CHEN, J.; MA, X.H.; DONG, Z.G.; ZHAO, Q.F.; LI, X.M.; TAN, W.; WANG, M.A new seedless table grape cultivar 'Jinghongbao'Journal of Fruit Science 31 (1) 159-1602014
    11615LI CAN; ZHOU ZIFA; ZHAO JINGZHU; ZHAO XIAODONG; WEI JINGBO; LI WUA new seedless table grape cultivar 'Zhufeng'Journal of Fruit Science 36 (6) 819-8212019
    11002HAO, Y.; LI, H.; YANG, R.; WANG, H.; WANG, Y.; GAO, Y.; WANG, F.A new table grape culticar - ZuirenxiangJournal of Fruit Science 28 (5) 938 - 9392011
    11334HAO YAN; YANG RUI; WANG YU'AN; ZHANG KUN; LI HONGXU; YANG FUXIAA new table grape cultivar 'Meihong'Journal of Fruit Science 33 (6) 766-7692016
    11333SUN LEI; ZHANG GUOJUN; YAN AILING; XU HAIYINGA new table grape cultivar - 'Ruiduzaohong'Journal of Fruit Science 33 (1) 120-1232016
    11544MENG XIANRU; CHEN YIJUN; ZHANG WEN; MA HUIQINA new table grape variety 'Scholar Red'Journal of Fruit Science 35 (11) 1430-14322018
    10560WATLINGTON, F.A new tropical grape cultivar: "Valplatinta"Fruit Varieties Journal 48 (4) 228-2291994
    10525COMEAUX, B.L.A new Vitis (vitaceae) from Veracruz, MexicoSida 12 (2) 273-2771987
    40198GORYSLAVETS, S.; RISOVANNA, V.; BACILIERI, R.; HAUSMANN, J.-F.; HEUERTZ, M.A parentage study of closely related Ukrainian wine grape varieties using microsatellite markersCytology and Genetics 44 (2) 95-1022010
    222GALET, P.A practical ampelography. Grapevine identificationComstock Publishing Associates, Ithaca and London1979
    10141TRUEL, P.A propos du new crossProgrès Agricole et Viticole 89 (8) 172-1731972
    10818WANG, LI-JUN; LI, SHENG-CHEN;FAN, PEI-GE; YANG, MEI-RONG; WU, BEN-HONG; DUAN, WEI; LI, LIAN-SHENG; ZONG, JING-YI; ZHANG, YING-ZHU; WEN, LI-ZHU; ZHANG, FENG-QIN; LUO, FANG-MEI; LI, SHAO-HUAA red high quality and resistance wine grape cultivar 'Beimei'Acta Horticulturae Sinica 36 (7) 10842009
    50020BLANC, S.; WIEDEMANN-MERDINOGLU, S.; DUMAS, V.; MESTRE, P.; MERDINOGLU, D.A reference genetic map of Muscadinia rotundifolia and identification of Ren5, a new major locus for resistance to grapevine powdery mildewTheoretical and Applied Genetics 125 (8) 1663-16752012
    1218SMILEY, L.A Review of Cold Climate Grape CultivarsIowa State University2016