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    Prime name: STERLING

    Variety number VIVC: 12007

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Source codeOriginal title (access to prime names)AuthorBibliographical sourceYearCultivar name as given in bibliographyPage
421Wine-Grape Reference for North Carolina (Bulletin 480)CARROLL, D.E.; POLING, E.B.; GOLDY, R.G.North Carolina Agricultural Research Service199130
10375"Sterling" Muscadine grapeNESBITT, W.B.; CARROLL, D.E.; EARP, J.B.HortScience 17 (2) 275-2761982STERLING MUSCADINE GRAPE275
654Muscadine Grape Breeding Programm - Information for Growing MuscadinesANONYMOUSThe University of Georgia, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences2011STERLING
696Performance of Muscadine Grape Cultivars in Southern MississippiSTRINGER, S.J.; MARSHALL, D.A.; SAMPSON, B.J.; SPIERS, J.M.HortTechnology 18 (4) 726-7332008STERLING728
574Use of SSR-Markers to Assess Identity, Pedigree, and Diversity of Cultivated Muscadine GrapesRIAZ, S.; TENSCHER, A.C.HortiScience 133 (4) 559-5682008STERLING560, 563
822Register of new Fruit and Nut Varieties, List 33BROOKS, R. M.; OLMO, H. P.HortScience 18 (2) 155-1581983STERLING157
991Breeding rootstocks resistant to grape fanleaf virus spread, using Vitis x Muscadinia hybridizationBOUQUET, A.; DANGLOT, Y.; BONGIOVANNI, M.; CASTAGNONE-SERENO, P.; TORREGROSA, L.Acta Horticulturae (528) 517-5262000M. ROTUNDIFOLIA CV STERLING525
841Grapevine Breeding Programs for the Wine IndustryREYNOLDS, A. G.Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, Nr. 2682015STERLING401