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Bibliography in which the synonym was cited

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  1. Synonym: LIU 10
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Source codeAuthorTitleJournal title / publisherYearPage
765JING, Z.B.; WANG, X.P.; CHENG, J.M.Analysis of genetic diversity among Chinese wild *Vitis* species revealed with SSR and SRAP markersGenetics and Molecular Research 12 (2) 1962-197320131964
559LUO, S.L.; HE, P. C.; ZHENG, X. Q.; ZHOU, P.Genetic Diversity in Wild Grapes Native to China Based on Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) AnalysisActa Botanica Sinica 43 (2) 158-1632001159
1201ZHAOBIN JING; XIPING WANGGenetic relationship between Chinese wild Vitis species and American and European Cultivars based on ISSR markersBiochemical Systematics and Ecology (46) 120-1262013122