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    Year: 2017

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ALIQUO, G.; TORRES, R.; LACOMBE, T.; BOURSIQUOT, J. - M.; LAUCOU, V.; GUALPA, J.; FANZONE, M.; SARI, S.; PEREZ PENA, J.; PRIETO, J. A.Identity and parentage of some South American grapevine cultivars present in ArgentinaAustralian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 23 452-460
ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 50 (2) 37
ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 50 (3) 56-75
ANONYMOUSBlatt für SortenwesenAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes 50 (5) 76-103
ANONYMOUSBlatt für Sortenwesen - Roter Müller ThurgauAmtsblatt des Bundessortenamtes (7) 122
ARMANNI, A. B.; ZOMBARDO, A.; PUCCIONI, S.; VALENTINI, P.; STORCHI, P.; CRESPAN, M. PAOLO STORCHIIl Morellone: Recupero e valorizzazione di un vitigno del germoplasma tradizionale ToscanoL'Enologo 3, 91-96
BUSTAMANTE, L.; SAEZ, V.; HINRICHSEN, P.; CASTRO, M. H.; VERGARA, C.; BAER, D. VON; MARDONES, C.Differences in Vvufgt and VvmybA1 gene expression levels and phenolic composition in table grape (Vitis vinifera L.) 'Red Globe' and its somaclonal variant 'Pink Globe'Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 65 (13) 2793-2804
CLARK, M.; HEMSTAD, P; LUBY, J.'Itasca' Grapevine, a New Cold-hardy Hybrid for White Wine ProductionHortScience 52 (4) 649-651
CONNER, P. J.Paulk, a Muscadine Grape with Hermaphroditic Flowers and Large BerriesHortScience 52 (11) 1639-1641
CONSTANTINI, E.Ribolla StoryFORUM, Editrice Universitaria Udinese, Udine
CRESPAN, M.; STORCHI, P.; MIGLIARO, D.Grapevine Cultivar Mantonico bianco is the Second Parent of the Sicilian CatarrattoAmerican Journal of Enology and Viticulture 68 (2) 258-262
DRORI, E.; RAHIMI, O.; MARRANO, A.; HENIG, Y.; BRAUNER, H.; SALMON-DIVON, M.; NETZER, Y.; PRAZZOLI, M. L.; STANEVSKY, M.; FAILLA, O.; WEISS, E.; GRANDO, M. S.Collection and characterization of grapevine genetic resources (Vitis vinifera) in the Holy Land, towards the renewal of ancient winemaking practicesScientific Reports 7 (Art. 44463) 12 pp.
ENGELHART, J.Besondere Rebsorten - Teil 1: Echt fränkisch und ganz schön altRebe und Wein 70 (3) 18-20
ENGELHART, J.Besondere Rebsorten - Teil 3: Der fränkische Silvaner - Vielfalt von gelb bis blauRebe und Wein, Weinsberg 70 (11) 19-21
ENGELHART, J.Der alte Fränkische Satz mit seinen historischen RebsortenDeutsches Weinbau-Jahrbuch (68) 82-88
ENGELHART, J.Zwei junge alte Franken - Bukettrebe und BukettsilvanerRebe und Wein, Weinsberg (10) 24-25
EREZ, M. E.; FIDAN, M.; PINAR, S. M.; INAL, B.; KAYA, Y.; ALTINTAS, S.Identification and determination of quality values of some grape varieties grown in Siirt provinceTurkiye Tarimsal Arastirmalar Dergisi 4 (1) 31-42
FERRARA, G.; GALLOTTA, A.; PACUCCI, C.; MATARRESE, A. M. S.; ANDREA MAZZEO, A.; GIANCASPRO, A.; GADALETA, A.; PIAZZOLLA, F.; COLELLI, G.The table grape Victoria with a long shaped berry: a potential mutation with attractive characteristics for consumersJournal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 97 (15) 5398-5405
GRISTINA, A. S.; DE MICHELE, R.; GARFI, G.; LA MANTIA, T.; FONTANA, I.; SPINELLI, P.; MOTISI, A.; CARIMI, F.Urgent need for preservation of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. subsp. vinifera) germplasm from small circum-Sicilian islands as revealed by SSR markers and traditional use investigationsGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 64 (6) 1395-1415
HAI-SHENG SUN; XIU-CAI FAN; MIN LI; YING ZHANG; JIAN-FU JIANG; CHONG-HUAI LIUBrilliant Seedless: A new medium-ripening seedless table grapeVitis 56 (3) 111-112
HAMMERS, M.; SAPKOTA, SURYA; CHEN, LILING; HWANG, CHINFENGConstructing a genetic linkage map of Vitis aestivalis-derived "Norton" and its use in comparing Norton and CynthianaMolecular Breeding 37 (5, Art. 64) 14 pp
HEO, JAE-YUN; PARK, SUNG-MINSujeong': a green seedless table grape cultivarHortScience 52 (3) 463-464
HOVHANNISYAN, N.A.; YESAYAN, A.A.; BOBOKHYAN, A.A.; DALLAKYAN, M.V.; HOBOSYAN, S.G.; GASPARYAN, B.Z.Armenian Vine and WineDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Yerevan
HVARLEVA, T.Microsatellite profiles from autochthonous Bulgarian cultivars generated during COST Action FA1003 (2010 - 2014)AgroBioInstitute, Molecular Genetics Group, Sofia
ILNITSKAYA, E.T.; SUPRUN, I.I.; NAUMOVA, L.G.; TOKMAKOV, S.V.; GANICH, V.A.Characterisation of native Dagestan grape cultivars using SSR-analysis and the main ampelographic features of the leavesVavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding 21 (6) 617-622
KHALIL, S.; TELLO, J.; HAMED, F.; FORNECK, A.A multivariate approach for the ampelographic discrimination of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) cultivars: application to local Syrian genetic resourcesGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution 64 (8) 1841-1851
KISSINGER, H. G.Heunisch und seine Kinder: Rebsorten und Weinqualität im Wandel der ZeitDas Deutsche Weinmagazin (22) 36-38
MARKOVIC, N.; PRZIC, Z.; RAKONJAC, V.; TODIC, S.; RANKOVIC-VASIC, Z.; MATIJASEVIC, S.; BESLIC, Z.Ampelographic characterization of Vitis cv "Prokupac" clones by multivariate analysisRomanian Biotechnological Letters 22 (5) 12868
MENG JUXING; JIANG JIANFU; ZHANG GUOHAI; SUN HAISHENG; FAN XIUCAI; ZHANG YING; WU JIUYUN; LIU CHONGHUAIPedigree analysis of grape cultivars released in ChinaJournal of Fruit Science 34 (4) 393-409
PARK YOUNGSIK; BANG SUNBAI; HEO JAEYUNA new grape cultivar 'Cheongsan' developed by a cross between genetic resources of Korean native Vitis amurensis RuprVitis 56 (4) 197-198
PARK YOUNGSIK; HEO JAEYUN; BANG SUNBAI'Black Eye': a unique Korean grape variety developed from a cross between 'Muscat Bailey (V. labrusca x V. vinifera) A' and Korean wild grape (V. amurensis)HortScience 52 (5) 786-788
PECILE, M.; ZAVAGLIA, C.; CIARDI A.Registro nazionale delle varietà di vite - Panse blancheCentro di Ricerca per la Viticoltura (CRA-VIT) Conegliano
PERSIC, M.; PETKOVSEK, M. M.; BUBOLA, M.; JUG, T.; PELENGIC, R.; RUSJAN, D.Ampelography of 'Muskat Momjanski', the Muscat accession cultivated on Istrian peninsulaMitteilungen Klosterneuburg, Rebe und Wein, Obstbau und Früchteverwertung 67 (1) 28-35
POBLETE, I.; VARGAS, D.; LANINO, M.; ZUNIGA, A.Ampelographic characterization of the Tamarugal strain (Vitis vinifera L.) native to the region Tarapaca from Atacama DesertIDESIA 35 (4) 47-54
POLULYAKH, A. A.; VOLYNKIN, V. A.; LIKHOVSKOI, V. V.Problems and prospects of grapevine genetic resources preservation at "Magarach" InstituteVavilovskij Zurnal Genetiki i Selekcii / Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding 21 (6) 608-616
RAIMONDI, S.; CARLOMAGNO, A.; RUFFA, P.; OGLIETTI, S.; NOVELLO, V.; SCHNEIDER, A.Pedigree reconstruction of wine and table grape crossbreeds created in Italy by Giovanni DalmassoScientia Horticulturae 219 125-130
REGNER, F.; GOLL, A.; EISENHELD, C.; ROCKENBAUER, A.; HACK, R.; MEHOFER, M.; HANAK, K.Die neue Rebsorte "Donauriesling" und ihre wesentlichen CharakteristikaDeutsches Weinbau-Jahrbuch (68) 67-81
ROYCHEV, V.Comparative ampelographic evaluation of late, very late and the latest ripening table vine cultivarsLozarstvo i Vinarstvo 65 (2) 10-17
SALIMOV, V.; SHUKUROV, A.; ASADULLAYEV, R.Study of diversity of Azerbaijan local grape varieties basing on OIV ampelographic descriptorsAnnals of Agrarian Science 15 (3) 386-395
SALMON, J. M.; OJEDA, H.; ESCUDIER, J. L.Disease resistant varieties and quality: the case of Bouquet varietiesVigne et Vin Publications Internationales. 6th International Symposium. New resistant grape varieties and alternatives to pesticides in viticulture for quality wine production. OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL network, 16th May 2017, Changins, Switzerland, 64-68
SANTIAGO, J. L.; BOSO, S.; GAGO, P.; ALONSO-VILLAVERDE, V.; MARTINEZ, M. C.Somatic mutations in Vitis vinifera L. cultivars growing in northwestern SpainActa Horticulturae (1188) 337-342
SCHILS, C.Der Uhudler: Ein Überlebenskünstler der besonderen ArtDer Winzer 79 (12) 34-35
SHEEHAN, T. P.Sheegene 25United States Plant Patent 28269
STAVRAKAKI, M.; BINIARI, K.Ampelographic and Genetic Characterization of Grapevine Varieties (Vitis vinifera L.) of the ‘Mavroudia’ Group Cultivated in GreeceNotulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca 45 (2) 525-531
STAVRAKAKI, M.; STAVRAKAKIS, M. N.The Cretan GrapesTropi Publications, Athens; Greece
TANG XIAOPING; DONG ZHIGANG; LI XIAOMEI; TAN WEI; MA XIAOHE; ZHAO QIFENG; WANG MINA new early season tetraploid grape cultivar 'Meixiangbao'Journal of Fruit Science 34 (1) 115-118
TEH SOONLI; FRESNEDO-RAMIREZ, J.; CLARK, M. D.; GADOURY, D. M.; SUN QI; CADLE-DAVIDSON, L.; LUBY, J. J.Genetic dissection of powdery mildew resistance in interspecific half-sib grapevine families using SNP-based mapsMolecular Breeding 37 (Art. 1) 16 pp.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIAViticultural Information - RS-3
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIAViticultural Information - RS-9
WU WEIMIN; WANG QINGLIAN; WANG XICHENG; WANG ZHUANGWEI; ZHAO MIZHEN; QIAN YAMINGBreeding report of a new early seedless grape cultivar 'Zijin zaosheng'Journal of Fruit Science 34 (1) 119-121
ZENDLER, D.; SCHNEIDER, P.; TÖPFER, R.; ZYPRIAN, E.Fine mapping of Ren3 reveals two loci mediating hypersensitive response against Erysiphe necator in grapevineEuphytica 213 (3: Art. 68) 23 pp.